Persona 5 Strikers - Ann Takamaki Guide


Persona 5 Strikers - Ann Takamaki Guide

The bewitching Ann is a strong Japanese girl of American descent, kind and determined. In addition to studying at Shujin Academy , she works part-time as a model.

The girl joined the Fantama Thieves to free herself from the cruelty and prejudices of adults. The young woman excels in English, but has some shortcomings in other subjects.

In this guide we will explore Ann's Persona, its stats, abilities and usable combos.

Ann Takamaki (Panther)

Code Name: Panther

Initial Person : Carmen

Arcana : Lovers

Persona Peculiarities : Specialized in Fire attacks, debuffs and status

ailments Weapon: Whip Ranged

Weapon : Submachine Gun

Fighting Style: Ann's whip is imbued with fire that affects many enemies at a time. It also uses a high rate of fire machine gun.

Showtime: Panther jumps behind his Persona, Carmen and together they spin in mid-air. The combined power creates a whirlwind tornado of hearts that damage groups of enemies.

Basic stats of Carmen

Arcane Basic levelPowerMagicResistanceAgilityLuck
HeredityHe reflectsAbsorbsBlockIt resistsWeak

Carmen skills

FireAgi8 SPLight Area Fire damage. Chance to inflict on fire.Innate
RecoveryDia6 SPRestore a low amount of HP to an ally.Innate
SupportTarunda12 SPTemporarily reduces enemy area attack.Level 6
PassiveSoul thiefNobodyAbsorb SP by inflicting an alteration on an enemy.Level 10
FireMaragi10 SPLight Fire damage in a large area. Low chance of inflicting on fire.Level 12
SupportDekaja6 SPRemoves enemy stat bonuses.Level 19
FireAgilao14 SPMedium fire damage to area. Chance to inflict on fire.Level 21
RecoveryDiarama16 SPRestores an average amount of HP to an ally.Level 25
AlterationMarin Karin8 SPHigh chance of inflicting Subjugation status on air enemies.Level 27
PassiveAvoid iceIt is notIncreases evasion against Ice element attacks. Not combinable.Level 30
FireMaragion16 SPMedium Fire damage to a large area. Low chance of inflicting on fire.Level 35
PassiveUpgrade FireNobodyStrengthens Fire attacks by 25%.Level 38
SupportMatarunda16 SPReduces enemy attack power over a large area for a while.Level 42
FireAgidyne24 SPHeavy fire damage to area. Low chance of inflicting on fire.Level 46
PassiveUpgrade in flamesIt is notImproves the chances of inflicting on fire.Level 50
FireMaragidyne26 SPHeavy Fire damage to a large area. Low chance of inflicting on fire.Level 54
RecoveryDiarahan40 SPFully heals an ally's HP.Level 57
AlterationBrain washing10 SPMedium chance of inflicting Subjugation status on enemies in a large area.Level 60
SupportConcentration26 SPThe next magic attack deals 2.5x damage.Level 64
PassiveAmplify FireIt is notStrengthens Fire attacks by 50%.Level 67
FireHell of fire38 SPSevere fire damage over a large area. Low chance of inflicting on fire.Level 73

Recommended Skills

Ann's persona, Carmen, takes advantage of fire attacks. Combined with Morgana's attacks, they can prove to be a great asset in battles with numerous enemies. Our advice is to keep them both in a team, as wind and fire are extremely effective when used in combos.


First nameKeyNote
  • Hold L1 and then press R1
Use the machine gun
Basic attack
Can be used repeatedly for a five hit combo.
Special attack
It can be used on the ground or in mid-air. Temporarily apply the Fire attribute to attacks.
Whip set up
  • ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → X (Switch)
Basic combination of attacks.


Combo nameCommandsNote
Slamming attack with the whip
  • ▢ → ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → Y → X (Switch)
Use his persona at the end of the combo.
Combo 2
  • ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → Y → Y → X (Switch)
Use his persona at the end of the combo.
Combo 3
  • ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → Y → Y → Y → X (Switch)
Rotate the whip, igniting the ground with a snap

Masterful Talents

Finally here are Phanter's Masterful Talents, which will allow us to take full advantage of his whip in combo with Carmen.

Talent nameCommandsNote
Without escape
  • ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → ▢ (PS4)
  • Y → Y → Y → Y → Y (Switch)
Allows you to deliver an additional hit at the end of the battle.
Heat-Pain-When the effect is active, you can complete the move with △ / X for a special attack.
Crocodile tears-Allows you to use the Tarantula attack with a Personae.
"Super Flame"-A powerful attack of flames.

Showtime attack

Panther jumps behind his Persona Carmen, and they spin together while in midair. The combined power creates a tornado creates a tornado of swirling hearts that damage enemies.

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