Persona 5 Strikers - Complete Guide To Bonds


Persona 5 Strikers - Complete Guide To Bonds

The Bonds system in Persona 5 Strikers refers to the skills that can be acquired from the special menu and can vary from statistical upgrades to upgrades in battle . Additionally, these skills can also be leveled up by spending points earned by winning battles, completing certain requests or from certain story events . Additional Bond skills will be unlocked as you progress through the game's main story.

The Bonds system will automatically unlock on 27/7. Open the "Menu" and look for the "Link" option. After reading an in-game tutorial, you can start purchasing skills. Only 15 bonding skills are available at the start, but more will be unlocked.

All Bond skills

Here is a list of all bonding abilities, including their effects:

Bond SkillEffect of skill
Upgrade HPIncreases maximum HP of the whole party
+5 HP per level
Upgrade SPIncreases maximum SP of all party
+3 SP per level
Upgrade StrengthIncrease Fr for the whole group. Affects the damage of physical attacks
Fr +1 per level
Upgrade MagicMa increases for the whole group. Affects the damage of magic attacks
But +1 per level
Upgrade StaminaIncrease Rs for the whole group. Affects defense
Rs +1 per level
Upgrade AgilityIncrease Ag for the whole group. Influence crit / Ag evasion
+1 per level
Upgrade LuckUpgrade Fo for the whole party. Influence prob. evas. critics and alterations
Fo +1 per level
Passing techniqueAfter a relay race, the special bar fills up faster
Fills up faster and faster per level
Help HarisenIncreased chance of activating Regenerative Harisen
More chance per level
Oracle regenerationWhole party recovers HP and SP at the end of the fight.
Increased HP and SP recovery per level
Martial artsIncreases damage from Persona physical abilities and
Major damage from physical abilities per level
Spiritual artsIncrease damage from magical skills of Persona and
Major damage from magical skills per level
Tactical artsIncrease prob. to inflict ailment via skill of Personae
Maggiore prob. to inflict ailment via skill by level
Supporting limbsIncreases the duration of bonus and penalty of Personae skills
Increases the duration of bonus and penalty of skills per level
Spirit of the jokerIncreases chance of masks manifesting
Increased chance of masks manifesting per layer
LurkingRestores HP to the whole party after a successful ambush
Increased amount of HP recovered per level
Phantom strikerIncrease damage when you perform a Major Phantom Flick
damage per level
AvengerDodging an attack can generate a much stronger
counterattack. Greater counterattack damage per level
Ammunition accumulatorIncreases the ammo of the whole group according to the firearm.
Increased number of ammo per level
Show professionalIncreases the damage of Special attacks.
Increased damage per level
Spiritual blowANCHORS 1 make the attacker recover SP; assaults on the whole team.
Major SP recovery per level
Conscious buyerSnatch bargains at Sophia's shop
More discounted items per level
Metaverse physicianIncreases the effect of healing items
Increased effectiveness of healing items per level
Forge meTIES level up faster
Level up faster and faster per level
BanditIncreases chance to get items at the end of the battle
Better chance per level
CutterIncreases the money earned at the end of the battle.
Increases the money earned per level
BurglarAllows you to pick chests of higher difficulty Allows you to pick chests of increasingly greater difficulty
per level
Starred ChefAllows you to cook dishes with stronger effects
Allows you to cook more and more dishes per level
Treasure hunterIncreases chance of encountering Treasure Demons
Increased chance of encountering Treasure Demons per level
RummagerSpare parts are found more often
Increased chance of finding spare parts by level

The best Bond skills to prioritize

Not all Bond skills will be available from the start, some will unlock over time, so if you don't have any of the recommended skills yet, it just means that as soon as you unlock them, you should prioritize them.

Bond SkillWhy give it priority
Forge meThis is the one you have to give highest priority, as the higher its level, the more Bond experience points you will get from battles, requests and story events
Spirit of the jokerThe higher the level, the more likely the enemy personae will release their mask, so we can not only get new Personae, but also farm Persona Points that can be used to level up our Personae
Oracle regenerationEspecially in the early stages of the game we will have several problems in the management of HP and SP, so the sooner we enhance skills that allow us to recover them, the better
Spiritual blowFor each ANCHOR 1 and assault we will recover SP, (they are two mechanics that we will almost always use) it is better to take it to the maximum as soon as it unlocks for the same reason listed above
CutterOften we will find ourselves with many things to buy and little money, having a skill that allows us to get more money at the end of the battle will help us a lot.
Metaverse physicianWe will often find ourselves short of SP and will be forced to use items to restore them, so having a skill that enhances the effectiveness of healing items will be of great help
Treasure hunterIncreases the likelihood of finding Treasure Demons in prisons, a very useful skill especially in the endgame to make money
Starred ChefWith this ability it will be possible to cook more complex dishes that restore a lot of HP and SP and will help us a lot during the exploration of the prisons and during the fights.
Conscious buyerIt will allow us to have many discounts in Sophia's shop and sometimes the possibility of buying rare ingredients such as "Fine coffee beans"

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