Persona 5 Strikers - Cooking And Recipe Guide

Persona 5 Strikers - Cooking And Recipe Guide

 In Persona 5 Strikers the mechanics linked to the kitchen are introduced, which allows us to create delicious dishes capable of giving us HP, SP and buffs to the very useful statistics in battle, especially against the bosses.

How to cook

You will have access to the kitchen in the Phantom Thieves camper , once unlocked, you can combine different ingredients to be able to compose various dishes.

Consuming a created dish increases the statistics of the entire party thus making it easier for you to fight against the toughest enemies. So remember to stock up on ingredients , so you can go to the various Prisons without problems.

Going forward in history, creating dishes and participating in events, you will unlock new recipes , so in each stage you do, stock up on ingredients that you will find in the various local shops, so you can try them immediately.

The stocks of the various ingredients that can be purchased are limited daily , so if you need one ingredient more than the others, just wait until the next day to be able to buy them.

How to use the prepared food

Their use is identical to that of the objects that you will find in the various Prisons and that you can buy in Sophia's shop and in the normal ones. The only main difference from the latter is that in addition to the gain of HP and SP your party will temporarily receive a boost to the statistics.

List of ingredients

In order to cook inside Persona 5 Strikers, it will be essential to buy the various ingredients scattered around the shops in the various cities. Some of these can only be purchased in specific stores.

Neon supermarket (Sendai)

Gyutan (Also available in the Seikan Butchery)340 yen
Fine coffee beans320 yen
Carrot120 yen
Onion140 yen
Rice240 yen
Salmon200 yen
Pig260 yen

Food Yoren (Sapporo)

Tuna fish320 yen
Lamb meat300 yen
Flour180 yen
Miso280 yen
Cabbage90 yen
Onion140 yen
Salmon200 yen

Typical specialties (Sapporo)

Homemade ramen420 yen
Homemade Jingisukan680 yen

# 1 Fresh Food Supermarket (Okinawa)

Goya180 yen
Tofu140 yen
Eggs80 yen
Pig260 yen
Goat meat380 yen
Awamori for cooking260 yen

Supermarket Grocery What? (Osaka)

Kamo-nasu eggplant240 yen
Crab2,000 yen
Rice240 yen

Typical specialties (Osaka)

Homemade ramen420 yen

List of recipes

HP recovery

First nameWhere to get itPrice
Gyutan stewGyutan Restaurant (Sendai)1620
Harako-meshiCafé Blue, Mt. Aoba Park (Sendai)900
Miso ramenRamen Shop (Sapporo)850
JingisukanRequest from Ann Takamaki, Dessert Expert (Suzushino, 11/8) 
Okinawan sobaHaisai Haoma, Okinawa Beach (Okinawa)800
Goat soupBento Fukuhara (Okinawa)1300
Goya ChanpuruFutaba Sakura's request (8/18) after completing Okinawa prison 
KushikatsuRequest from Yusuke Kitagawa (Kushikatsu Ganko, 8/24) 
OkonomiyakiLucky Lucky Restaurant (Osaka)1,100
ObanzaiComplete Haru's Request (Ready to Teach) (Osaka) 
ChurrascoComplete the Employee Course Correction request 

SP recovery

First nameWhere to get itPrice
Leblanc coffeeAvailable immediately 
Leblanc curryAvailable immediately 
KaisendonKaisendon kiosk (Sapporo)1000
Kyoto curryAutomatically unlocks on 8/14 (Kyoto) 
Osaka sushiJapanese Restaurant (Osaka)3,500
Curry of the masterComplete the request "A Thief's Special Challenge" 
Maestro's coffeeComplete the "Trap in the Big Tree" request 

HP and SP

First nameWhere to get itPrice
Crab hot potCrab Restaurant (Osaka)6,600

The best dishes

As in the old Personas, the most coveted items are the ones that will supply you with the SPs since those for the recovery of HP are very easy to find. So be concerned primarily with creating dishes that give you SP back.

Excellent dishes for infiltrations into the Prisons

Below you will find a list of great dishes to be able to

PrisonDish / IngredientsEffect
SendaiLeblanc curryRestores 20 SP to all allies.
SapporoKaisendonRestores 20 SP to all allies. Also, apply Matarukaya.
OkinawaTofuIt is a useful ingredient for making the Crab Hot Pot.
OsakaCrab hot potRestores 80 HP and 40 SP to all allies.

For HP recovery

FoodDish / IngredientsEffect
Guytan stewBeef tongue, onion, carrot.Restores 40 HP to all allies.
Okinawan sobaFlour, Pork.Restores 30 HP to all allies.
KushikatsuPork, Eggs, Beef and OnionsRestores 40 HP to all allies. Also, apply Matarukaya.
Goat soupGoat meat, Awamori for cooking.Restores 30 HP to all allies. Also, apply Matarukaya.
Harako-meshiSalmon and Rice.Restores 20 HP to allies.
Miso ramenFlour and MisoRestores 20 HP to allies. Provides Masukukaja.
Crab Hot PotCrab, Tofu and CarrotRestore 80 HP and 40 SP to allies-
JingisukanLamb meat, cabbage and onionRestore 40 HP to allies.
ObanzaiKamo-nasu eggplant, tofu, carrot and MisoRestores 30 HP and heals allies allies.
OkonomiyakiFlour, pork and cabbageRestore 60 HP to allies

For the recovery of SP

FoodDish / IngredientsEffect
Leblanc coffeeCarefully selected coffee beans.Restores 30 SP to an ally.
Leblanc curryPork, Onion and Rice.Restores 20 SP to all allies.
Kyoto curryBeef, Onion, Rice and Eggplant Kamo-nasu.Restores 40 SP to all allies.
KaisendonTuna, salmon and riceRestores 20 SP to all allies. Also, apply Matarukaya
Osaka sushiTuna, Crab, Eggs and RiceRestores 40 SP to allies. Provides Marakukaja.
Crab Hot PotCrab, Tofu and CarrotRestores 80 HP and 40 SP to allies

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