Persona 5 Strikers - Differences from previous games

Persona 5 Strikers - Differences from previous games

 Persona 5 Strikers is presented as an atypical title compared to the previous chapters from different points of view. The new title of ATLUS stands out clearly from the classic Persona in terms of gameplay.

Let's see together the main differences of this new chapter compared to the previous iterations of the brand.

The guide may still contain material in English or slight inaccuracies, which we invite you to report in the comments!

Differences in gameplay

Persona 5 Strikers retains a couple of features from its predecessor like attribute dependency in combat, the use of Showtime that appeared in Persona 5 Royal, and standard cutscenes. Aside from the new features brought by the musou genre, the title has also removed some of the elements that existed in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. Here, we've compiled a list of the obvious differences between the other Persona 5 and Persona 5 Strikers chapters.

Revamped battle system

Unlike Persona 5 , the battle mechanics in Persona 5 Strikers revolve around action similar to other musou games. The player can also interact with objects in the environment to unlock new ways to thin out enemy ranks.

Absence of Confidants

Building relationships through the Confidants system is no longer possible in Persona 5 Strikers. There are still some hints, however, that allude to the possibility of thriving interactions between characters.

New ways to get Personae

Defeat the shadows

In the original Persona 5, the protagonist in order to negotiate with a Persona must first knock out its shadow . If successful, the Persona joins the party and can be summoned in subsequent battles.

In Strikers instead of negotiating, the protagonist will be able to get another Persona after defeating him. This in fact once beaten will drop a mask that can be recorded in the compendium.

Merger of the Personae

In a very similar way to what we saw in the previous Persona, also in Strikers the possibility of obtaining new Personae returns by merging those already obtained. To do this, just head to the Velvet Room and start the fusion.

Characters other than the protagonist can only use their unique characters in battle. This makes the protagonist the most versatile character of all as he will have access to a greater variety of skills to exploit the enemy's weaknesses.

Say goodbye to relaxed mode

The simplest difficulty, Relaxed, will not make its return in Persona 5 Strikers. By default, the player will have access to three difficulty levels : EASY, NORMAL and HARD. After completing the game for the first time, the player will unlock the highest difficulty known as Merciless.

Respawn of treasures

Contrary to how treasures work in Persona 5's palace infiltrations, the player can force the regeneration of prison treasures. After looting the treasure, just exit the prison and visit it again to find another copy of the treasure from the same chest.

Movies cannot be skipped

Another feature removed in Persona 5 Strikers is the ability to skip gameplay cutscenes. In other words, if you haven't saved after progression, you'll have to watch the movies again.

Experience Bond

A characteristic that grows independently of each character is the Bond level . There are two ways to level up, one is through dialogue events and the other is through battles. Between the two options, the conversation rewards with a greater Bond experience.

Nevertheless, Persona 5 Strikers can be played in any way the player prefers. Players who are not too keen on the efficiency of this method will be able to opt to gain Bond experience by fighting.

No alternative paths in history

Unlike Persona 4, the ending in Persona 5 Strikers won't depend on the player's actions and decisions. In other words, as mentioned earlier, even if you don't weigh your options, the outcome at the end of the story will remain the same.

Unique event

The Ferris wheel ride is a special event that occurs in Hokkaido. This video involves choosing a partner who can accompany you on the Ferris wheel. Contrary to the elements of the main game, it will only be possible to spend time with one member here.

A quick trick to overcome this problem is to create a save file just before taking the Ferris wheel so you can see them all. There will also be the option to accept either a male or female member of Phantom Thieves.

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