Persona 5 Strikers - Futaba Sakura Guide

Persona 5 Strikers - Futaba Sakura Guide

 Futaba joined the Phantom Thieves as a Navigator. Although she does not face enemies directly, she comes to the aid of the group by guiding them as they explore the Metaverse. After closing the case, she felt more comfortable with people and started attending school.

As with the original game, Futaba is non-playable and simply acts as a navigator, guiding the player through missions. It gives us all the information about the enemy's weaknesses, status effects and the current conditions of the characters.

Futaba Sakura (Oracle)

Codename: Oracle / Ships

Starting Personae : Necronomicon

Arcana : Hermit

Peculiarity of Personae : Specialized in recovery and buff skills.

Weapon: -

Ranged weapon : -

Fighting style:  Navi focuses on support and studies the enemy's data to understand their weaknesses. He can also analyze allies to see if they have any altered status.

Necronomicon person

Futaba's persona, Necronomicon, does not actively participate in the battle, instead helping the party by boosting stats, restoring HP and SP, and providing logistical support.

Person Statistics

ArcaneBasic levelPowerMagicResistance AgilityLuck
HeredityHe reflectsAbsorbsBlockIt resistsWeak

Skill of the Persona

PassiveAnalyzeIt is notConfirm enemy information.Innate
PassiveMoral supportIt is notchance to cast Kaja-type and HP / SP support skills during battle.Level 12
PassiveLife supportIt is notChance to cast Charge and Support Abilities that boost Special Gauge during battle.Level 21
PassivePower moralIt is notAmplifies the moral support effectLevel 30
PassivePower vitalIt is notAmplify the life support effect by increasing the special bar.Level 36
PassiveMoral power EXIt is notGreatly increases the chances of activating moral support.Level 43
PassiveEX vital powerIt is notGreatly improves the life support effect in increasing the special bar.Level 49
PassiveSupreme AegisIt is notAbility to cancel a fatal attack for all allies.Level 53

Recommended skills

Futaba's Persona, Necronomicon, mainly uses support skills, specifically "Analyze" to determine the weaknesses of enemies.

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