Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Desires, Powerful Enemies And Nefarious Shadows

Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Desires, Powerful Enemies And Nefarious Shadows

 This guide will be extremely useful for you to find all the Forgotten Desires, Mighty Enemies and Nasty Shadows present in each Strikers Prison. The Mona Boxes (name we have chosen for convenience) are necessary for the “ Mona's Requests “, which will ask you to find the Forgotten Wishes. Powerful Enemies, once defeated, will be unlocked as a Personae for use via Fusion. The Ominous Shadows, on the other hand, are enemies covered with lightning bolts.

Shibuya Prison - Powerful Enemy

In the center of the first area of ​​this Prison.

Shibuya Prison - Nasty Shadow

On the road between the tower and the checkpoint on the left side of the map.

Shibuya Prison - Mona Box

In the area on the far left where the chest is.

Sendai Prison - Powerful Enemy

In the open area just south of the checkpoint.

Sendai Prison - Nefarious Shadow

You have already seen it during the story, in the sequence with your first Treasure Demon.

It will be beyond the small chapel, just north of the checkpoint.

Sendai Prison - Mona Box

On the rooftops, in the upper left corner of the map. You will need to climb to the roof near the checkpoint and continue to cross it via the invisible platforms from the upper left and drop down to the lower roof for the box.

Sapporo Prison - Strong Enemy + Mona Box

From the Arboretum checkpoint, go back through the chapel and to the next yellow triangle on your way and before going up you will find the Mona Box. For the Mighty Enemy instead of going back from the checkpoint, use the snowboard to slide downhill and just before the tower the enemy will wait.

Sapporo Priggion - Nasty Shadow

In the upper left corner of the area with open roads.

Okinawa Prison - Everything

The Mona Box and the Nasty Shadow are in the room just to the right of the checkpoint. The Mighty Enemy and the Reaper are found in the last room of the Prison. From the last checkpoint follow the path until you reach the largest room in the center of the map with the elevator.

Kyoto Prison - Everything

Since the movement in this Prison is quite peculiar, you will have to go by trial and error if you want to find the Nasty Shadow and The Mighty Enemy. Both are in the rooms where you found the dog statues throughout the story. The Mona Box is in the room with the two chandeliers on which you can climb with a Ghost Flicker.

Osaka Prison - Powerful Enemy

From the Zoo checkpoint, just around the corner.

Osaka Prison - Mona Box

In the center of the cargo container area. You will need to use the third eye to see the viewpoints that will take you to the Mona Box and a treasure.

Osaka Prison - Baleful Shadow

From the third checkpoint, run straight past the tower entrance to find it.

Abyss Prison - Mona Box

From the third checkpoint, simply climb the ledges to find it.

Abyss Prison - Nefarious Shadow

From the starting area of ​​the Prison, simply follow the main path to find it shortly after.

Tree of Knowledge - Powerful Enemy

At the final checkpoint, before entering the final boss battle.

Tree of Knowledge - Nefarious Shadow and Mona Box

The Shadow Nefasta is hard to notice as we explore the narrow corridors of this short Prison, the Mona Box will instead be on the 5th floor (you can see the floor numbers on the wall after the screen transition) next to a chest on a ledge to your side. right.

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