Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Lavenza


Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Lavenza

Lavenza is the assistant of Igor, the owner of the Velvet Room . He will help the Phantom Thieves to merge the Personae after Igor's disappearance in Persona 5.

The girl plays a vital role in the Velvet Room as it will allow you to blend and enhance the Personae .


Name : Lavenza
Location : Velvet Room
Occupation : Velvet Room Assistant
Role : Person Fusion

Unlockable castings via Lavenza

Person and requestsPerson Created
Pixie (Lv.23) + Mokoi (Lv.22)Principa ti
Black Frost (Lv.40) + Jack-o'-Lantern (Lv.40)King Frost
Mitrhas (Lv.45) + Koppa Tengu (Lv.45)Seth
Thor (Lv.81) + Yatagarasu (Lv.58)Cerber or
Jack-o'-Lantern (Lv.45) + King Frost (Lv.65) ​​+ Jack Frost (Lv.45)Frost Black
Seth (Lv.65) ​​+ Thor (Lv.65)Siegfried
Yoshitsune (Lv.78) + Alice (Lv.75)Mara
Archangel (Lv.60) + Principalities (Lv.60) + Trumpeter (Lv.65) ​​+ Domination (Lv.65)Metatron
Black Frost (Lv. 67) + Mara (Lv.72) + Metatron (Lv.80), Alice (Lv.75) + Yoshitsune (Lv.78)Lucifer

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