Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Mariko Hyodo


Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Mariko Hyodo

Mariko Hyodo is a new character featured in Persona 5 Strikers. In the game he is a Sapporo politician who knows Haru Okumura's father .

Its goal is to keep its public image candid in its city, taking care of the well-being of the people.

In the Metaverse Mariko is the Monarch of the Sapporo Prison who uses the EMMA app to be able to redeem his public image, which has been ruined due to an accident.

Being a Boss in this guide we are going to see which party is best to use in order to beat it without particular problems.

Mariko Hyodo

Name: Mariko Hyodo

Monarch's Name : Mariko Snow Empress

Prison : Sapporo Prison

Profession: Politician

Mariko is a brown-haired woman, wearing a rosé lipstick, eyeliner, blue / pink eyeshadow and a pair of earrings. She usually wears a light colored scarf tied around her neck and a black work dress with dark pink patterns around the shoulders and left side of the skirt.

Its shape in the Metaverse instead totally changes it, even modifying the size of its body. The colors of her clothes and skin turn pale, tending to white with only the red color of her lipstick standing out from all the rest. She also wears different jewels and wears a tiara, which when removed, frees all the desires trapped inside it.

During the fight he will become giant, with a large mouth and eyes moving from his face to his stomach, and finally his lower body becomes blob-like, losing his human arms in favor of several tentacles.


Hyodo is a politician very attentive to his public image, he knows Kunikazu Okumura very well , so he will consequently meet Haru Okumura .

Mariko decides to surrender to the power of the Metaverse when she is blackmailed through the publication of a scandal that involved her, causing her to resign from the office of mayor. From that moment he began to use EMMA to steal the wishes of the people of Sapporo in order to regain his office.

After using EMMA, Mariko becomes much colder with everyone, even starting to insult various workers in the city. He often tends to start cleaning up the town to make Sapporo clean.

Statistics of Mariko Empress of the snows

Life points9400
Strikes Bar KO 8
WeaknessesPsi, damn
ResistorsIce, Electro, Nuclear
Exp / Yen Rewards

Abilities of Mariko Empress of the snow

Pounce AttackMariko Snow Empress jumps and creates ice fragments around her.
Tentacle SwipeMariko Snow Empress uses the tools she has in her tentacles to charge and impale enemies.
RageMariko Empress of the snow turns red. Its damage increases inconspicuously but loses a lot of defense.
You are annoying!Mariko Snow Empress rotates 360 ° creating glaciers around her.
MabufulaMedium damage ice type. Present a very small chance of inflicting frozen status.
Dinner TimeMariko Snow Empress swallows a party member (random) and she cannot be saved unless Mariko is hit by one of the Chandeliers or a Showtime. If the last member of the party gets eaten, it goes against the game over.
The Politicians will Dance!Mariko Snow Empress spins quickly and creates ice fragments everywhere.
Freeze and Shiver!Creates a blizzard within the area that greatly slows down the movement of party members. You will need to attack one of the stoves in order to restore normal movement speed.

Recommended party

Persona 5 Strikers - Protagonist JokerJokerExcellent thanks to the possibility of being able to use cursed-type abilities that are very effective against Mariko.
Persona 5 Strikers - Haru Okumura NoirNoirExcellent thanks to the possibility of being able to use psy-type abilities which are very effective against Mariko.

Strategy to beat him

Mariko Snow Empress is weak to psy-type and cursed, resists electro and nuclear-type abilities, and completely negates any ice-type abilities.

We advise you to bring Haru as she has psy-type abilities available, you can also bring Ann , Morgana and Sophia as Mariko has no resistance for the fire, wind and sacred type. Absolutely do not bring Yusuke as his abilities are of the ice type and therefore would be canceled.

Bring with you many healing items and Personae with healing abilities as through its special attack it could soon show you the game over or through the snowstorm it will create it will take away the priority of the attacks by slowing your movements.

Don't be fooled by the huge appearance of Mariko Snow Empress, she is a very fast foe who can take out the entire party with a few attacks.

Once you lower its HP below 50% it will become perpetually red and will swallow a member of your party every turn. So immediately try to lure her under one of the 4 chandeliers, and then make her fall on top of her, thus freeing the eaten member.

If you run out of chandeliers, use a Showtime to get the same effect. Furthermore, by always staying below 50% of HP, Mariko will start generating snowstorms, which will slow down the movement of the entire party.

Should this happen, immediately run to the point marked with an exclamation point and turn on the stove to stop the storm, thus restoring the speed of movement.

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