Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Powerful Enemies

Persona 5 Strikers - Guide To Powerful Enemies

 In this guide we will address the topic of Nasty Shadows and Powerful Enemies in Persona 5 Strikers: what they are, where they are and the post-defeat rewards.

What are the Ominous Shadows?

Ominous Shadows are very strong enemies that appear in every Prison. Their power is given by the very high level they possess, therefore they need more strategy and preparation than normal to be able to beat them.
To be able to face them at best you will certainly have to increase the levels of the Personae a lot and have equipped the best weapons , armor and accessories !

They can be recognized by ordinary Shadows thanks to an aura of electricity around them.

List of Ominous Shadows

First namePlaceWeaknessObtainable Ability Cards
BabauShibuya prisonElectro, Wind, CurseUncle, Garu, Psi, Nuclear Dodge
Raja NagaSendai prisonFire, Ice, SacredAnnihilation, Agilao, Zionga, Freila, Makouha, Eiga, Dia
LilithSapporo prisonFire, Ice, Electric, WindTaunt, Ice Dodge, Electro Dodge, PSI Dodge
NebirosOkinawa prisonFire, Electro, WindMaragion, Mafreila, Maeiga
YatagarasuKyoto prisonFire, Ice, Nuclear 
EligorOsaka prisonElectro, Sacred, CurseBufudyne, Psiodyne, Mamudoon, Holy Upgrade, Ice Upgrade, Electro Upgrade
MithrasAbyss prisonIce, sacred, curse 
ArchangelTree of Life and WisdomWind, Psychic, NuclearDeadly attack, Makougan, Maeigaon, Megidola
the ReaperComplete all Requests of the Ominous Shadows.  


Experience Points

By defeating the Mighty Shadows you can get a large amount of Experience Points , useful to enhance your characters more and more.

Skill Cards

You can also get Skill Cards , which you can use to unlock and improve skills for your character.

Request list for powerful enemies

RequestsPowerful enemiesWhere to find them
"The descent of the ebony god"SethSendai prison
"The howl of Cerberus"CerberusOsaka prison
"Make way for the icy ruler!"King FrostSapporo prison
"Stop the little elf strut"Frost BlackShibuya prison
"The dragon slayer joins the fight"SiegfriedKyoto prison
"The rise of the quivering nightmare"MaraOkinawa prison
"The descent of the angel of contracts"MetatronTree of knowledge

By completing all the Requests available on Mighty Enemies and the "Painful Past +" requests you will have the opportunity to clash with the Reaper, the last and most powerful of all the Mighty Enemies.

The battle against the Reaper

After completing all of the above Requests you will be able to run into the Reaper accepting his request.

The Reaper is a Mighty Shadow who has no weakness to any element . While this on the one hand might seem like a thing to worry about, on the other hand it can open a range of possibilities in the composition of your team.

Our advice is to divide the team into two parts : the first part focused on damage , the second part focused on support skills . For example, Makoto and Sophia to deal damage while Wolf and Joker as support.

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