Persona 5 Strikers - How To Use An Assault

Persona 5 Strikers - How To Use An Assault

 Since the past, the turn-based combat system in the Persona series has always seen Assault, a powerful combined attack of the party capable of wiping out less tough enemies, among its tricks.

As per tradition, Persona 5 Strikers also sees the return of this mechanic, adapted to the new Musou mechanics renamed on the occasion of the new Italian localization "Assault" .

Here is a complete guide on this mind-blowing technique and how it works in Persona 5 Strikers!

What is an Assault?

An Assault is a special technique that can be used in combat after taking down an enemy. Strikes offer a great way to finish off enemies, as they deal area damage and don't consume HP or SP.

How to perform an Assault

When the screen appears to use an Assault, press the ○ or A key depending on the console to activate it. If you're fighting a boss, focus on decreasing his life to around 1/4. The best way to make his life low is to use effective attributes or rely on ONE MORE.

Take Joker

Among the Phantom Thieves, Joker is the first to be able to land a shadow because he has multiple Personae. Collect as many Personae as possible and use the one that best suits the situation to deal critical damage or technical bonuses.


Some enemies have a lot of "shields" to take down. This means that you will have to remove all of them in order to perform a knockdown. Weaken the enemy and use the attributes to which they are weak. Eventually, the enemy shield will be removed and it will be possible to do an AGAIN ONE. Use ANCHOR ONE to your advantage until the enemy is weak enough to perform an Assault.

Additional changes from Persona 5

Previously, players needed to take down the enemy to unlock the possibility of an Assault. Here the requirements are reduced to just one, which is to knock down the enemy so that the player can already use the Assault.

Another change that has been proposed in Strikers is the signature art, or victory screen that accompanies the attack. Instead of having a single character posing, the screen will focus on all members who participated in the Assault.

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