Persona 5 Strikers - HP And SP Management Guide


Persona 5 Strikers - HP And SP Management Guide

Also in Persona 5 Strikers you will have to deal with the Health points and the SP, indeed compared to the classic chapters, here you will need more attention regarding consumption, since in the first levels you will not have much money to be able to afford the numerous objects in the game.

Healing yourself during the battle

Healing items

When you are in trouble there is always a way to regain life. Healing items can be purchased and accumulated from various vendors scattered throughout your explorations. However, these items have a cooldown once used, so care must be taken to use them at the most appropriate time.

Composition of the team

Use characters who possess support skills. Mona , Sophia and Panther are some of the characters who have the supporting role . In particular, Mona acquires many skills useful to prevent KOs from allies.

Heal yourself out of the battles

BOND branch skill

In addition to healing items and character support skills, the BOND skill branch also helps us, which allows you to recover HP and SP even outside of combat. For example, “Oracle Regeneration” resets both bars at the end of each battle . Thus, the recovery times imposed by the use of healing items will suffer less.

Another great BOND skill is “Lurking” . A sneak attack with "Lurking" in combination with "Oracle Regeneration" will facilitate the recovery of Points.


Self-healing is a feature that allows you to regain life while not struggling. The downside is that it uses SPs to heal , so you'll have to carefully consider whether you can do without some SP in exchange for some HP at that time.

Get out and back from the Prisons

If you have made a mistake and are about to fail you can get out of the Prison via Fast Travel and then re-enter it. Your team will have their completed HP and SP restored.

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