Persona 5 Strikers - Materials Guide

 In this guide we will discuss the Materials in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S), where to get them and how to use them, very useful for the continuation of the adventure as they can be resold to be able to raise a nice nest egg.

Upgrade your Bonds skills

Exchangeable items are found randomly in Prisons, but there is a way to increase the chance of spawning. Unlock the Bandit Bond skill  to get a bonus on finding such Items Fully upgrade this skill for maximum benefit.

Enter the Prison

Each Prison features an assortment of Materials , so be sure to visit the right one to search for the desired material. The advice is to upgrade the aforementioned Bond ability to the maximum as soon as possible, so as to have a greater chance of finding these Objects immediately.

How to recognize them

How to recognize them

The materials are cubic in shape, have a blue aura above them and float in the air.

How to use them

As we mentioned in our Money Making Guide , Exchangeable Items are primarily meant to be sold in stores to earn money.

However, these Objects also have another use: in fact, there are some Requests that aim to collect specific Exchangeable Objects from a particular Prison. Once completed the rewards can be pieces of Armor or Experience Points for BAND skills.
These Requests (Ichinose Junk Collection) can be completed multiple times , unlike others which are one-off.

Request Ichinose Junk CollectionPlaceExchangeable item required
1Sendai prisonStrange circuit x15
2Sendai prisonMicrochi chippedx12
3Sapporo prisonStrange Foundation Fragment x12
4Okinawa prisonMysterious Disc Shard x12
5Kyoto prisonSuspicious Character String Data x9
6Osaka prisonAmbiguous List File x9
7Osaka prisonBizarre Report x12
8Abyss prisonMysterious Document x15
9??Unnatural Sample x15

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