Persona 5 Strikers - "My Prison" Merger Requests

Persona 5 Strikers - "My Prison" Merger Requests

 The need to merge Personae also returns in Persona 5 Strikers in the form of merger requests. Each mission will ask you to produce a combination of a Personae and a specific ability that can be inherited through fusion.

Here is a detailed guide on the "My Prison" merger requests found in Persona 5 Strikers

Person of "My Prison"

After obtaining the unique combination of Personae and skills, you will need to show them to Lavenza in the Velvet Room to receive a reward. Currently, merger requests consist of nine tasks related to the Prison Letter questline . Here, we have compiled a list of the application number, merger request and necessary Personae required.

Prison Letter requests are part of the side quests in Persona 5 Strikers in the Requests menu .

List of Merger requests

RequestMerger RequestIngredients for creation
1Archangel with Drop of AmritaStart by catching High Pixie (Fool) from Sendai Prison.
Capture Andras (Devil) and Succubus (Luna) from Shibuya Prison,
Merge Succubus and Andras to create Hua Po (the Hanged Man),
Finally, merge Hua Po (14) and the High Pixie (14)
2Eligor with divine graceHead to Sendai Prison and get Lilim (Devil), Lamia (Empress), and Orthrus (Hanged Man).
Merge Orthrus and Lamia to create Ame-no-Uzume (Lovers)
Finally, merge Ame-no-Uzume (29) with Lilim (25)
3Kaiwan with MakougaExplore Sapporo Prison and get Principality (Justice) and Setanta (Emperor)
Merge Principality (27) with Setanta (26)
4Mithra with Regeneration 1The steps to follow are very similar to the previous request.
Go to Sapporo Prison and get Principality (Justice) and Setanta (Emperor)
Fondete Principality (27) and Setanta (31)
5Unicorn with ZiongaGo down to Okinawa Prison and capture Black Ooze (Luna) and Shiisa (Chariot).
Blend Black Ooze (33) with Shiisa (35)
6Regina mab with "Scientific"Head to the Kyoto Prison and capture Kikuri-hime (Popess).
Visit Sapporo Prison and capture Kaiwan (Stella).
Merge Kikuri-hime (40) and Kaiwan (37)
7Trumpeter with DiarahanEnter Osaka Prison and capture Sarasvati (Popess) and Norn (Fortuna).
You merge Sarasvati (48) and Norn (54).
8Cu Chulainn with ConcentrateHead to the Abyss Prison and capture Nebiros (Devil) and Mot (Death)
Merge Nebiros (55) and Mot (59)
9Dominion with Nuclear AmpReturn to the Abyss Prison and capture Mot (Death)
Proceed to the final dungeon and capture Forneus (Hierophant)
Merge Mot (62) and Forneus (60)

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