Persona 5 Strikers - Sophia Guide

Persona 5 Strikers - Sophia Guide

 Sophia is a mysterious girl whom the Phantom Thieves will meet in a warehouse after being captured by Alice Hiiragi .

During the first encounter the Phantom Thieves will find her in the sewers in the form of a white box, but once interacted with it, she will transform into a red-haired girl in an all-white dress.

He will later appear inside the protagonist's phone acting as a navigation assistant for the Phantom Thieves .

In this guide we will go to see Sophia's persona, her stats, skills and combos to use.


  • Codename: Sophia
  • Starting Persona :
  • Arcane Pithos : Hope
  • Persona Peculiarity : Specializes in Holy-type abilities and weakens enemies
  • Weapon: Yo-yo Ranged
  • weapon : Blaster
  • Fighting style: Use yo-yos to make multiple attacks against
  • ShowTime enemies :  Shoot four laser beams from cannons

Pithos person

Sophia's starting Persona is Pithos, who specializes in Holy-type attacks, support and recovery skills.

Person Statistics

ArcaneBasic levelPowerMagicResistanceAgilityLuck
HeredityHe reflectsAbsorbsBlockIt resistsWeak

Skill of the Persona

SacredKouha8 SPSacred light damage to areaInnate
SupportRakunda12 SPTemporarily reduces the defense of enemies in an areaInnate
RecoveryDia6 SPRestore a low amount of HP to an ally.Level 2
SacredMakouha10 SPSacred light damage in a large area.Level 12
RecoveryAverage14 SPRestore a low amount of HP to alliesLevel 14
PassiveUpgrade SacredIt is notBoosts Holy-type attacks by 25%Level 16
SupportTetraja6 SPA barrier that cancels the killing of an ally onceLevel 19
SacredKouga14 SPSlight sacred damage to areaLevel 23
RecoveryDiarama16 SPRestores an average amount of HP to an allyLevel 26
RecoveryRecarm24 SPRevive an ally with 50% HP.Level 30
PassiveDivine grace0 SPHealing effects are boosted by 50%Level 32
RecoveryMediarama32 SPRestores an average amount of HP to alliesLevel 35
SacredMakouga16 SPAverage sacral damage over a large area.Level 40
SupportMarakunda16 SPDecreases defense in a large areaLevel 43
PassiveAmplify SacroIt is notBoosts Holy-type attacks by 50%Level 46
SacredKougaon24 SPHeavy sacred damage to areaLevel 48
RecoveryDiarahan40 SPRestore all HP of an allyLevel 51
PassiveRebel SoulIt is notIncrease the filling speed of the special barLevel 52
RecoverySamarecarm48 SPRevive an ally with all HPLevel 55
RecoveryMediarahan68 SPFully restore HP to allies.Level 60
PassiveAngelic graceIt is notIncreases evasion against Fire / Ice / Wind / Electric / Nuclear / Psych. / Holy / Cursed attacksLevel 70
SacredMakougaon26 SPHeavy sacred damage over a large area.Event

Recommended skills

Sophia's Persona, Pithos can use skills to help the entire party, especially during boss fights, plus Pithos has access to Rakunda from the very beginning of the game, thus managing to lower the defense of the various enemies right away. you will meet.


Let's see all the actions that Sophia can perform:

First nameKeyNote
Shoot a shotHold L1 then press R1Shoot with the Blaster
Yo-yo attackCan be used repeatedly to perform a total of 6 shots
ImprovementActivate to temporarily boost the attack
Perfect grip?When the arm lights up, the button pressed below activates "Perfect Grip"
Simple trick
  • ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → X (Switch)
You attack with yo-yos


Here are the recommended combos for Sophia

First nameKeyNote
Double loop
  • ▢ → ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → Y → X (Switch)
Use the user's skill at the end of the combo.
Combo 2
  • ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → Y → Y → X (Switch)
Use the user's skill at the end of the combo.
Rotary attack
  • ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → Y → Y → Y → X (Switch)
Combo 4
  • ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → Y → Y → Y → Y → X (Switch)

Masterful Talents

Finally, here is the list of Sophia's Master Arts:

First nameKeyNote
Motor spinning top
  • ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → Y → Y → Y → X (Switch)
You can continue chasing the opponent at the end of the combo
Data synchronization
  • ▢ (PS4)
  • Y (Switch)
Gain an attack buff after performing a ground or air attack.
Explosive treatment
  • △ (PS4)
  • Y (Switch)
The special attack that follows “Perfect Grip” deals more damage.
Mega disintegration
  • Hold L1 and then hold R1 (PS4)
Fire blasts of fire that absorb damage


Sophia rotates the yo-yos into 4 floating turrets that sit above her. Once given the ok, Sophia fires 4 beams from each turret that inflict damage in front of her.

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