Persona 5 Strikers - Velvet Room Guide

Persona 5 Strikers - Velvet Room Guide

The Velvet Room is the typical place of the Persona series , typically accessible by the protagonist, in this case the Joker and is useful for enhancing the various Personae that you will get by playing.

In this guide we will go through the possibilities that this Room offers: obtaining new levels, points, abilities, fusion and fusion types.

What is the Velvet Room?

The Velvet Room is a special area accessible only by the protagonist. Talk to Lavenza to learn more about this Room. Here you can upgrade your Persona or merge several to get a stronger one.

There are many ways to access the Velvet Room: visit the hideout, from the prison checkpoints, or from the city.

Enhance your Persona

Inside the Velvet Room you can spend "Persona Points" to upgrade your Persona. As time goes by, as the game progresses, Personas will also get permanent bonuses.

Where to find Person Points

There are two main ways to earn Persona Points. The first is by collecting the Persona masks, the second is by casting.

Learn new skills

Using the Skill Cards you can customize the moves and stats of the various Personas. For example, if we want to have an offensive Persona we will need the card that deals high damage.

Register a Person

Register a Person to research their stats. Some information will appear such as level, stats, skills and total number of merges, to name a few. A “Re-Summon” feature will also be available , but it will cost money. 

Types of fusion


The fastest and easiest way is to merge two Personas. You can also merge with three or more Personas to unlock more effects.

Bonus effect

During the game, through mergers you may be able to get Persona with extra stat points. When this happens, a message "Status Bonus !!" to indicate the bonus effect.

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