Pokémon GO: The best counterattacks against Latios - Guide


Pokémon GO: The best counterattacks against Latios - Guide

In Pokémon GO you can currently challenge Latios in the level 5 raid. We'll show you the best counterattacks and reveal how you can defeat the legendary Pokémon.

That's how long Latios will stay: Until February 20th, Latios will remain in the legendary raids . There it currently shares the space with Latias, which will also be retained for so long.

So that you are best equipped against Latios, we show you the best counterattacks and useful tips against the monster here.

The best Pokémon against Latios

Use these types: Latios is of the Dragon and Psycho types. So you should use the types dragon, ice, beetle, fairy, dark or ghost. Your choice is great.

Use these Pokémon: Here we list the 10 best Pokémon against Latios. There are also suitable attacks that your monsters should have:

RayquazaDragon tail and tantrum
DialgaBreath of Fire and Draco Meteor
BrutalandaDragon tail and tantrum
ZekromBreath of fire and tantrum
KnakrackDragon tail and tantrum
DarkraiLeaning drum and haunted ball
DragoranDragon tail and tantrum
ReshiramBreath of Fire and Draco Meteor
PalkiaDragon rod and Draco meteor
GiratinaDark Claw and Haunted Ball
You should know that: In general, dragon-type Pokémon are best against Latios. However, Latios also sometimes masters dragon attacks and is therefore also effective against your dragons.

So if Latios can master dragon attacks, then you should rather switch to ghost or dark Pokémon.

How many players do you need for Latios? The legendary Pokémon can already be defeated by three and you don't necessarily need strong Pokémon for that.

So, even if you haven't reached level 40 or even higher, you can defeat Latios well with three people. Provided you choose effective counterattacks.

WP, Shiny and information about Latios

How much CP for a 100% IV? A Latios with 100% IV needs exactly 2178 WP after the raid. With a weather bonus it requires 2723 WP.

Are there Shiny Latios? Yes, you can also catch the shiny version of the Pokémon. The chance of this is around 1 in 20. The shiny shape is greenish and no longer blue - so you can clearly see the difference.

Are Latios raids worthwhile? Latios is one of the best dragon and psycho attackers. However, it has better competitors for both types. So it's just an alternative, but it's not bad.

So you should think twice about investing raid passes in Latios. We recommend you to bet on Pokémon like Rayquaza or Mewtwo and invest raid passes there when they are available.

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