Pokémon GO: Latia's Counterattack - Use these attackers in raids


Pokémon GO: Latia's Counterattack - Use these attackers in raids

In Pokémon GO, you can now challenge Latias in level 5 raids. We'll show you the best counterattacks and reveal which attackers you can use to defeat the legendary Pokémon.

What is it about? Here we want to show you the most effective Counter-Pokémon that you can use in the fight against Latias in Pokémon GO. You will encounter Latias in level 5 raids.

We will regularly update this article for you as soon as there are new attackers and the raids with Latias are active again. Are you actually looking for counterattacks for Latios in Pokémon GO , then have a look at the linked post.

Latias and Latios are currently active in Pokémon GO until February 20, 2021.

The best counterattacks against Latias

Use these types: The Pokémon Latias belongs to the types Dragon and Psycho. Accordingly, attackers of the types dragon, ice, beetle, fairy, dark and ghost are effective.

Use these Pokémon: In the following table we show you 10 Pokémon that are particularly strong in the fight against Latias. We also show you the right instant and loading attacks so that you are well prepared for the raids.

DialgaBreath of Fire and Draco Meteor
ZekromBreath of fire and tantrum
RayquazaDragon tail and tantrum
ReshiramBreath of Fire and Draco Meteor
PalkiaDragon Rod and Draco Meteor
LatiosBreath of Fire and Dragon Claw
KnakrackDragon tail and tantrum
BrutalandaDragon tail and tantrum
MaxaxDragon rod and dragon claw
DarkraiHammock and dark aura
This is important: Dragon attackers with Dragon attacks are most effective against Latias. But Latias could also master two dragon-type attacks with breath of fire and tantrum, which then attack your dragons effectively. In this case, you should switch to ghost or dark Pokémon.

How many players do you need for Latias? The legendary Pokémon can already be defeated by three. Even if you don't have the strongest counterattacks of all.

Which Pokémon do you use to fight Latias? Write us your team line-up here on OkayGotcha in the comments and exchange ideas with other coaches. If you can't get your teams full of the above Pokémon, what alternatives do you choose?

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