Pokémon GO: Raid lesson today with Latias and Latios - Use this counterattack


Pokémon GO: Raid lesson today with Latias and Latios

A raid lesson with Latios and Latias starts in Pokémon GO today, February 27, 2021. We'll show you the best counterattacks and for whom it's worth participating.

What is a raid lesson? This event takes place on Wednesday evening in Pokémon GO and starts a legendary raid on almost all arenas for an hour. So you can move from arena to arena carefree and do raids or play with friends and long raid passes from a distance.

This week the focus is again on Latias and Latios. So you share the raid hour and both appear.

All information about the raid lesson with Latias and Latios

When does the raid lesson start? As usual, it starts at 6:00 p.m. local time. The black eggs appear on the arenas a few minutes beforehand. If another raid is already running, a legendary raid usually appears on the arena afterwards.

Use this counterattack: Latias and Latios both belong to the Dragon and Psycho types. In contrast, the types ice, dragon, fairy, beetle, dark and ghost are effective.

We show you the best attackers here:

RayquazaDragon tail and tantrum
DialgaBreath of Fire and Draco Meteor
BrutalandaDragon tail and tantrum
ZekromBreath of fire and tantrum
DarkraiLeaning drum and haunted ball
ReshiramBreath of Fire and Draco Meteor
KnakrackDragon tail and tantrum
MaxaxDragon rod and dragon claw
PalkiaDragon rod and Draco meteor
GiratinaDark Claw and Haunted Ball

Are there Shiny Latias and Latios? Yes, you can catch both legendary Pokémon in their dazzling form. If you are lucky and encounter a Shiny after the raid. We include the shiny versions for you here:

This is what the shiny versions of Latias (above) and Latios (below) look like in Pokémon GO

Is it even worth it? Latias doesn't play a role in the top attackers, and while Latios is a good alternative, it has even stronger competitors. Because of their strength, you don't have to catch the Pokémon. We recommend the raids if you are still on the hunt for Shinys or just want to complete the PokéDex. 

If you have no need, you can wait a few more days. Because Mewtwo comes back in the raids. During the Kanto tour, it spawns along with Arktos, Zapdos and Lavados. Your raid passes are well invested.

Are you taking part in the raid lesson today or is that not for you? Write us your opinion on the event here on OkayGotcha in the comments and talk to other trainers about it.

Do you already use your passports or do you prefer to save them for other opponents?

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