Probably the stupidest map in Valheim brings you a huge advantage


Probably the stupidest map in Valheim brings you a huge advantage

There is a lot to discover in the new survival MMO Valheim , including a hidden trader who sells you unique items. It can be pretty hard to find - unless you go to a certain world with a damn stupid name.

What kind of map is that? When you start Valheim, you can create your own worlds. To do this, enter a so-called seed or use the suggested, random code. You will then be thrown onto the huge map of Valheim in your world.

If you create the world with the seed "42069lolxd", you get a certain world with an advantage: the hidden dealer is only a few minutes' walk from the starting point. Many players are looking for the dealer because of his useful items.

The seed comes from the player MysticalPleb on reddit and he probably discovered it by accident when he entered fun combinations. Because the whole name of the seed is a meme:

  • 420 represents the consumption of marijuana
  • 69 is a sex position
  • lol and xd should be self explanatory
What is a seed? A seed determines what your world looks like. It indicates how your world is created and with a seed you can copy the exact same map that another player also has. Otherwise the worlds always differ from one another with countless combinations.

Probably the stupidest map in Valheim brings you a huge advantage

The map of Valheim is damn huge. Even after 50 hours, I only saw 5% of my map and haven't even discovered the hidden dealer. So the Seed 42069lolxd is really useful if you really want to buy stuff.

Visit 42069lolxd and find the dealer Haldor

Here you can find the dealer: The dealer Haldor is basically hiding somewhere in the dark forest biome, the "second" area after the simple grassland. Here trolls, skeletons and gray dwarfs cavort and you will find heartwood for the production of new items .

On the map 42069lolxd, Haldor is exactly south of the spawn point. Follow our marked path along the bank and cross the river at the small islands to the dark forest. A short time after you enter the dark forest, you should already see Haldor on your map when a bag symbol appears.

Visit 42069lolxd and find the dealer Haldor

The journey takes about seven minutes, depending on your buffs. Carrot soup and meat give you more stamina for sprinting, the power of the first boss Eikthyr lets you use less stamina. If you don't use both, it can take longer.

By the way: You can easily switch to the world with any of your characters. Pack your valuables and visit Haldor. If you log back in on your old map, you are exactly at the point where you logged out and you will find the items you bought in the inventory.

What does Haldor bring me? The vendor has some special items in their inventory that you can't get anywhere else. However, you will need a lot of gold if you want to buy everything:

  • Santa hat (100 gold) - Looks nice, no use found yet
  • Dverger-Reif (620 gold) - Occupies the head slot and serves as a head lamp, replacement for torches
  • Megingiard (950 gold) - attachable belt that increases your carrying capacity by 150 (450 total)
  • Ymir Meat (150 each) - crafting material for later recipes
  • Fishing Pole (350 Gold) - Allows you to fish in fish-rich waters; only available from Haldor
  • Fishing lure (10 gold for 50 pieces) - You need it to make the fishing rod work

You can find gold in dungeons and with enemies such as trolls. You can also sell rubies, amber and amber beads at Haldor using the coin symbol. The items have no other use other than being sold by him. 

Of all the items Haldor sells, the fishing rod and megingiard are particularly useful. The fishing rod allows you to get food easily. The Megingiard is especially good when you collect iron.

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