PS5 controller: Stick moves by itself - this is how you solve the problem


PS5 controller: Stick moves by itself - this is how you solve the problem

Some PS5 controllers are victims of the dreaded stick drift, in which the stick moves all by itself. In the following we will show you how you can recognize the problem and solve it.

Identify stick drift

The so-called stick drift is a problem in which the stick from the controller moves by itself, even if you don't have your hand on the DualSense . Identifying the shift problem is therefore fairly easy as you should notice it immediately. Flawless play is not possible with this phenomenon, as the problem has a disruptive effect on your game play, which is of course particularly annoying with the exclusive games . The problem has already become so great in the PS5 community that a class action lawsuit has been filed against Sony .

In the following video you can see an example of the described stick shift of the DualSense controller:

Dualsense Drift from r/PS5

Solve drift problem - that's how it works

The following steps can help to solve the problem. Go through them one by one and see if one of the steps corrects the stick drift:

  1. Clean the sticks:  Make your analog sticks clean, as dust particles or the like can sometimes lead to stick drift. It not only cleans the stick, but also the joint underneath. Use a dry, soft cloth such as a glasses cleaning cloth. Extremely important: never  use alcohol or other liquid cleaning agents.
  2. Check whether your software is up to date:  To check the software of your Dualsense, briefly press the PlayStation button on your controller. Go to "Accessories" in the bar, third symbol from the right, then to "Wireless Controller" and finally to "Controller Settings". At the bottom of the next menu is "Device software of the wireless controller", there should be "0210".
  3. Performs a reset on the controller:  Switches the PS5 off, not in sleep mode, but completely off. On the back of the controller you will find a tiny hole next to the word “Sony”. Press the button for 3 to 5 seconds with a pin, a staple or another “tool”. Then switch the PS5 back on and reconnect the controller to your console.
  4. Disconnects the controller and sets it up again via Bluetooth:  Follow the instructions in the second step to get to the controller menu. Go to "Communication method" and select "Use USB cable". Then switch back to "Use Bluetooth".
  5. Changes the controller effects:  Follow the instructions in the second step to get to the controller menu. Make a note of your current settings in the menu items "Vibration intensity", "Intensity of the trigger effect" and "Brightness of the controller lights". Change all three menu items to a popular one, it is only important that you change the respective setting. After you've done that, change the 3 options again to your preferred settings. 

Some games, such as Modern Warfare, have a Deadzone setting in their options . There you can change the dead zone and thus also improve the stick shift. Important:  This solution is not ideal as the shift problem continues to affect the way you play.

If no solution is suggested, contact Sony support. Which brings us to the next point ...

If nothing works, contact Sony support

After purchasing the PlayStation 5 or a separate DualSense controller, you have a one-year guarantee. If no suggested solution improves stick drift, make use of the guarantee and contact Sony support. Go to the PlayStation hardware support from Sony, we have linked you to the official homepage.

Click on the "DualSense" button on the official homepage and follow the instructions. If you have gone through the suggested steps of the support, you will receive a telephone and reference number at the end. Call customer service, discuss your problem with the respective employee and request an exchange.

Important:  When you send in the controller, be sure to keep your shipment receipt. If there should be a problem with shipping, you can prove that you have sent the controller to the correct address and that the error is not yours.

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