Receiving and using the crown of wisdom correctly | Genshin Impact


Receiving and using the crown of wisdom correctly | Genshin Impact

The golden color shows that the crown of wisdom is a very valuable item in Genshin Impact . Only very rarely do you get the opportunity to get hold of such a crown. But what for? At first glance it is not at all apparent what you need the crown of wisdom for and how you have to use it.

This is how you get the crown of wisdom

From the property description you can see that you will only receive a Crown of Wisdom as a “reward for time-limited actions”. This means that special events such as B. meant the Lantern Festival from Update 1.3 . Active participation in the events is a prerequisite for this, because you often have to collect certain points in order to be able to exchange them for a crown of wisdom.

What do I need the Crown of Wisdom for?

The Crown of Wisdom is a talent material that most players cannot use at all once they get the crown. The Crown of Wisdom is required to level a talent from level 9 to level 10 . And to bring a talent to level 9 first, you have to invest a lot of resources. If her constellation could you leveling of a character and thus have received in the ability talents 3 stages rises, then it needs the crown of wisdom to stage 13 to reach a talent.

For which talents you should use the Crown of Wisdom

Since the Crown of Wisdom is a very limited item, you are wondering which is the best way to invest it. The first choice should be your DPS heroes . Figures like Diluc , Ganyu or Xiao spend most of the fighting time actively on the field, so their talent advancement helps you the most. As a rule, the standard attack is the most important talent of a DPS hero, so you should spend your crowns first on the standard attacks of your DPS characters. An exception is Tartaglia, where elemental ability is most important.

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