Shields in Valheim are way too strong - these are the reasons


Shields in Valheim are way too strong - these are the reasons

In the survival game Valheim you can craft a variety of weapons, armor and shields. In contrast to armor, you can use shields to block all incoming damage. You can find out how this works in the OkayGotcha analysis of Schilden in Valheim.

How the analysis was created: OkayGotcha author Florian Franck and Benedict Grothaus have spent more than 100 hours together in Valheim since the release. The experiences of both authors flow into the analysis. The video from YouTuber “FireSpark81” was used as an additional source.

Everything about Schilden in Valheim

What types of shields there are: There are currently fist and tower shields in Valheim. You can craft these from different materials.

Fist shields have the advantage that you can both block and parry with them. If you use a tower shield you can only block with it.

The fist shields include:

  • Wooden sign
  • Bronze fist shield
  • Reinforced shield
  • Silver shield
  • Black metal shield

The tower shields include:

  • Wooden tower shield
  • Iron tower shield
  • Black metal tower shield
  • Snake Scale Shield

That's why shields are so strong: If your blocking skill is high enough, you can block 100% of the incoming damage with a shield. With the black metal shield and a correspondingly skilled block value, you no longer need to wear armor in battle. 

Valheim offers a variety of shields.

Parrying with shields: In addition to blocking, you can also parry with fist shields. Press the right mouse button just before the enemy attack hits you. This gives you the opportunity to counter and hit the enemy critically.

How to ward off mosquitoes effectively: With an upgraded bronze fist shield it is possible for you to block all damage the mosquitoes would cause. The mosquitoes in Valheim are among the most annoying enemies and are extremely strong. 

If you do not yet have the bronze fist shield or black metal shield, you can compensate a lot of damage with metal armor and the wooden shield. In the video of the YouTuber “FireSpark81” the different combinations are presented in detail. With metal armor and a wooden shield, “FireSpark81” only received 1.5 damage in its test after being hit by a troll. Otherwise, trolls cause 50-60 damage per attack.

At this point we link you to the complete video in which he goes into the individual points:

Shields have this disadvantage: The disadvantage of blocking with shields is that you lose stamina when hit. With the appropriate buff food or bonuses you can increase your stamina, but you should never lose sight of them. If you get involved in a fight during a sprint and have less stamina due to running, the blocking can fail and you take the full damage.

If you wear armor and get hit, you don't lose stamina. So always pay attention to your stamina in combat and only block if you have at least two yellow bars of stamina available. 

Met gives you buffs and gives you advantages in combat. You can find out how to make it in our guide to fermentation in Valheim.

The difference between shields and armor

Why movement speed is important: If you wear the iron scale armor and the matching trousers, the movement speed is reduced by 10%. If you also have a weapon and a fist shield equipped, your movement speed is even reduced by 20%. This makes you much slower and also carries a lot of weight around with you.

Armor and shields work differently: besides the fact that armor is heavy and takes up inventory slots, only part of the damage is absorbed when hit. Shields in turn block damage in relation to the block value, which is skill-based. The higher the blocking value, the more damage you can defend against with shields.

This is how you train blocking in Valheim: The fastest way to practice blocking is with a friend. Activate the PvP mode by pressing “TAB” and clicking on the two swords in the upper right area. Your friend will then beat you up while you hold up the sign with the right mouse button.

You will train more effectively if you have the “rested” bonus, which is granted when you are in the house.

Trolls are ideal if you want to practice blocking as a solo player.

As a solo player, you should look for opponents who attack continuously. In the Dunkewald biome, trolls are very good for this. Basically, however, we recommend that you play Valheim with friends. Not only is block training faster and more effective with a friend, but other activities are also more fun.

Do you already play with shields in Valheim, or do you just use armor? Let us know in the comments.

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