So you build yourself a huge club in Valheim and club your opponents to death

So you build yourself a huge club in Valheim and club your opponents to death

 Valheim is one of the biggest hits on Steam right now. If you're a newbie, you're definitely interested in a fat weapon. OkayGotcha shows you how you can build a fat stick with the stag breaker shortly after the start.

While you are taking your first steps in Valheim, many dangerous creatures stand in your way. Therefore, a good armament is essential. With the stagbreaker there is a weapon that can certainly help you.

What kind of weapon is that? The deer smasher is a two-handed weapon and looks like a giant club or hammer. The weapon also falls into this skill category. Accordingly, it does blunt damage and can hit several opponents at once. In our guide we show you how to get hold of the weapon.

These are the stats of the stagbreaker:

Due to the relatively high weight you have to lug around a lot, but it also causes a lot of damage. You should just remember not to walk around with your gun drawn, as the penalty on movement speed is also high.

This is what makes the weapon so strong: As a special ability, the hammer can knock back enemies in the vicinity and stun them for a short time. With the knockback of the deer smashers you can keep many opponents at a distance and cause them damage. This makes him very effective especially against groups.

Big stick straight to the start - the stagbreaker

What you need to build the Deer Smashers: You have to collect the following materials:

  • 5 deer trophies
  • 2 leather snippets
  • 20 heartwood

You get the trophies from the deer that roam the grasslands. There are also snippets of leather in the grasslands with wild boars. You can hunt them or you can tame them and breed them.

Heartwood is a bigger challenge. That's only available in the Dark Forest, a somewhat heavier biome.

How to find heartwood: First you have to go to a dark forest biome. You should look out for pine trees there. Those are the huge conifers in the area. If you cut them down, you will get heartwood. For this you need a flint ax.

You can also see what you have to do and what the Stagbreaker looks like in action in the video from Indie Game Guides:

How do I find a dark forest biome? Since every game world is generated randomly, it is different for everyone. Most players start in the grasslands. You will usually find a dark forest biome not far from here.

Should you find a dark forest and meet enemies, better avoid them or just run away. Gray dwarves can quickly overrun you with their sheer mass and trolls are dangerous opponents, especially without the right weapons.

Also keep in mind that you need a level 2 workbench. So you have to have either a chopping block or a tannery near the workbench.

Do you already have the Deer Smashers? What do you think of the gun? Do you have any other recommendations or insider tips to start with?

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