So you get the pickaxe in Valheim to mine stones


So you get the pickaxe in Valheim to mine stones

Who in Valheim wants to cut stones, a pickaxe needs (Engl. "Pickaxe"). But it's not that easy to find. OkayGotcha explains to you how you can find a pickaxe and thus more easily get stones for your buildings.

If you are new to Valheim, you will quickly discover all the big rocks lying around the world. Unlike in most survival games, pickaxes for dismantling them are not part of the standard repertoire in your tools.

If you need stones early on, you have to laboriously find them and pick them up from the ground. At least until you get your first pickaxe. This can take a long time because you have to defeat a powerful enemy first.

So you get the pickaxe in Valheim to mine stones

Craft a pickaxe and mine stones

How to get the pickaxe: The pickaxe is a recipe from the first boss, the deer Eikthyr. It drops its antlers and you can use it to build your first antler pickaxe. You need:

  • 10 x wood
  • 1 x hard antler

To defeat the boss, you should have played a little. Build a shield out of wood and leather scraps and a flint spear. You can get the flints from the banks of lakes, seas and rivers in the grasslands. The preparation can take a while, but it is worth it. In our big boss guide for all bosses in Valheim you can find out where to find Eikthyr and how to defeat him.

You can get your pickaxe from Boss Eikthyr.

In the course of the game you will receive more pickaxes, which above all have more durability and can mine resources faster. A bronze or iron pickaxe should be your target as soon as possible.

This is how you mine stones: If you have made a pickaxe, all you have to do is equip it and use it like any other tool. You can find stones all over the world. Look for large rocks and smaller stones on the ground.

In some biomes such as the Dark Forest there are even huge rock formations that look similar to copper deposits. These can be mined for even more stones. However, it is advisable to build a warehouse nearby.

With the stones themselves you can then build campfires or build melting furnaces and coal piles. Larger fireplaces and even entire stone buildings are also possible later.

Tips for mining: If you want to mine stones or other raw materials with the pickaxe, there are a few tricks that can be used better or faster.

  • If you need stones, it's best to mine copper. This is hard to come by anyway and brings a lot of stones with it as "waste", so you take care of it later.
  • Always dismantle until your pickaxe breaks and leave what you can no longer carry. This saves you a trip or two in the end if you only have to pick up. This is particularly useful in the swamp and the sunken crypts .
  • Set up camp nearby. You can use a Werbank to repair the antler pickaxe. If you have metal pickaxes, you need a forge.
  • Rocks and copper deposits often continue in the ground - chopping around the ground to look for them.

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