Spotify: Block Artists - Block certain bands & musicians from playing

 If the listening pleasure is interrupted by the wrong band or an unloved artist, it can be annoying. To prevent this from happening, you can block individual artists on Spotify so that they don't disturb your party, train journey or the weekly bulk shopping.

Spotify: Block Artists - Block certain bands & musicians from playing

In the Spotify radio stations , mixtapes and playlists of other users , an artist can always sneak in that you absolutely cannot stand - regardless of whether this is due to taste, political or other reasons. Fortunately, since the beginning of 2019 Spotify has been offering the function that you can block any musician. Only with features does the function (unfortunately?) Make an exception.

Spotify: Block / Don't Play Artists & Bands

First of all: You can only set the function to block individual artists in the smartphone app for Apple and Android devices - this is not possible with the Spotify player for PC (Windows, macOS). The setting works globally for your account, which means: If you block an artist on your smartphone, it will no longer be played on the PC from now on. This is how blocking certain acts works:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your smartphone.
  2. Taps down on the magnifying glass icon (search) , give the desired musician or band name and tap on the artist.
  3. Alternatively, you can tap on the menu symbol (⋮) in every playlist or in the playback view and then on " Show artist" .
  4. When you get to the artist page, tap the menu symbol (⋮) in the top right corner.
  5. The option “Don't play” appears here , select it.
  6. The corresponding artist is now blocked for playback via Spotify.

If you want to undo the process, you have to proceed again as described above. Instead of "Do not play" you will then see the option "Play again" , with which you can remove the ban.

The lock affects all playback methods of Spotify. The blocked artists are not only blocked in the playlists, charts, radios and playlists, but also when you actively select a song by the artist. So if a guest tries to spice up your party with their taste, they will be prevented from trying to play a song by the hated artist or to put it in the queue.

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