Sucrose in Genshin Impact: How to get it and abilities

 Discover what are the characteristics of Sucrose in Genshin Impact. Here we show you how to get it, its unique and passive abilities, and what role it plays in combat.

Sucrose in Genshin Impact: How to get it and abilities

Sucrose is one of the playable characters in Genshin Impact that we can use in our adventures. In order to create a good team of adventurers, you need to know each character and also be aware of which are the best . Next in this entry of our complete guide we will show you how to get Sucrose, its characteristics , what its abilities, talents and unique constellations are so that you know how to get the most out of it and create a good build.

How to get Sucrose in Genshin Impact?

Like many other characters in the game, Sucrose can be obtained through the Wishes of the Gachapon shop , spending our Destinations or Protogems that we have accumulated.

Since he is a four-star character, he has a good chance of being obtained by this method, both in Permanent Wishes and in Limited or Event Wishes. For example, when version 1.2 of the game was released, Sucrose was much more likely to be obtained in the Enigmatic Whispers gachapon .

Sucrose characteristics

This is the basic information about Sucrose and its main characteristics as a character.

"Sucrose is an alchemist with an insatiable curiosity for all things in the world. She strives to enrich the world by transforming living things with the power of alchemy; her area of ​​interest is 'bio-alchemy.'

  • Rarity: 4 stars.
  • Weapon type: Catalyst.
  • Element / Vision: Anemo.
  • Role in the team: Support.
  • Region: Mondstadt.

What are the talents and constellation of Sucrose

Here we show you all the unique combat skills of this character.


These are Sucrose's elemental attacks, talents, and abilities . Remember that they can be unlocked as you promote the character , in this way it will also become more powerful.

  • Normal Attack: Creation of the Spirit of the Wind - Make up to 4 attacks using Spirits of the Wind, dealing Anemo Damage. It consumes a certain amount of Stamina and deals Anemo Damage to the AoE after a short cast time (Charged Attack). Upon summoning the Wind Spirits, Sucrose launches towards the ground from the air (Downward Attack).

  • Creation of the Spirit of the Wind: Experiment 6308: Summons a small Spirit of the Wind that deals Anemo Damage to enemies in an AoE, dragging them towards the location of the Spirit before sending them flying.

  • Creation of the Spirit of the Wind: Isomorph 75 Type II: Sucrose spews an unstable concoction that creates a Great Spirit of the Wind. During the ability, the Great Spirit draws and knocks nearby enemies, dealing Anemo Damage in the AoE. If the spirit of the Wind comes into contact with Hydro / Pyro / Cryo / Electro, it will deal additional elemental damage of that type (elemental change can only occur once per use).

  • Catalyst Conversion: When Sucrose activates a Whirlwind, it will increase the Elemental Mastery of all team members with the corresponding element by 50 pts. for the next 8 s.

  • Mollis Favonius: When Experiment 6308 or Type II Isomorph 75 hits an enemy, it increases the Elemental Mastery of other team members based on 20% Elemental Mastery of Sucrose for 8 sec.

  • Unstable Invention: When crafting character materials and weapons, there is a 10% chance of receiving double.


These are the 6 levels of Constellation and passive abilities of Sucrose (remember that to be able to climb each one you need to get the Stella Fortuna item ):

  • Void Field Cluster: Increases the charges from Experiment 6308 by 1.

  • Bett: Unconsolidated form: Increases the duration of Isomorph 75 type II by 2 seconds.

  • Infallible Alchemist: Increase Experiment skill level 6308 +3. It can be increased to level 15.

  • Alchemania: For every 7 Normal and Sucrose Charged Attacks, Experiment 6308's ToE is reduced from 1 to 7 seconds.

  • Caution: Ordinary Flask - Increases Isomorph 75 Type II Skill Level +3. It can be increased to level 15.

  • Chaotic Entropy: If Isomorph 75 type II triggers an elemental change, all team members gain 20% Elemental Damage Bonus from the corresponding absorbed element for the duration of the ability.

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