Super Mario 3D World: the best tricks and secrets (shortcuts, get 1000 lives ...)


Super Mario 3D World: the best tricks and secrets

These secrets and tips from Super Mario 3D World, already on Nintendo Switch, will allow you to achieve infinite lives and will help you achieve 100%.

Nintendo Switch gets its first big game of 2021 with Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury . Although it really is a 2x1, because Bowser's Fury is an independent and completely new game, a Mario sandbox like Super Mario Odyssey with many secrets to discover, as we told you in our analysis .

In this guide we already tell you the best tips and tricks to complete the new Bowser's Fury 100% . On this occasion, we are going to focus on Super Mario 3D World, a game that actually came out in 2013 for Wii U, and that comes to Switch with practically no changes (beyond the new online mode and now the characters move faster).

Super Mario 3D World: the best tricks and secrets (shortcuts, get 1000 lives ...)

Get infinite lives

Mario games have always had a curious error with which you can get infinite lives (or the maximum, which in this case is 1100 lives). It consists of bouncing indefinitely on a Koopa shell , an action with which we are adding points until we get extra lives each time we bounce on it.

In 3D World, it is possible to obtain it in level 1-2 , the cave of the Koopas. There are at least two points on the level where you can get it: shortly after starting, there is an underground room that we access with a pipe or by breaking blocks with our ass. Defeat the Koopa, grab the shell with Y, get right in the middle, release it, and jump right at that moment to land on the shell. Don't touch anything else, and you'll see the magic happen.

Get infinite lives

Another place you can do it later is in the area with two torches. Likewise, grab a shell with Y, stand in the middle, throw the shell, and jump. It may take a few tries, but it is worth it.

Get infinite lives

The last 5 stamps

There are 85 stamps in the game, most of them hidden each on a level. However, there are five stamps, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Estela , which are obtained in another way. You need to finish all the levels of the game with each of the characters to obtain them. Quite a challenge for completists!

But how do we keep track of which character has cleared each level ? Pay attention!

The color of the flags

When we pass a level, the color and symbol of the flag that appears on the world map changes.

  • If we have obtained the three green stars , we will see a green star on the pole
  • If we have reached the top of the flag pole at the end of the level, the color will be gold
  • If we have completed the level with all the characters , the star that appears on top will be golden
  • The flag symbol will change depending on which character last completed the level, or which character got the highest score in multiplayer. This is irrelevant for 100%

In any case, by pressing the button - we access the progress, to see what we need to obtain in each level.

Stars in the starting selection

This is the ultimate indicator for how to get 100%. In the game selection menu, you will see a series of stars when you meet certain conditions:

  • 1 Star: After completing Bowser World Castle and watching the endgame
  • 2 stars: Collect all the green stars in the first eight worlds (243 green stars in total)
  • 3 stars: Complete the final level of the fire flower world, the Bosses Parade (the penultimate level of the game).
  • 4 stars: Collect all the green stars of the eleven worlds (343 stars)
  • 5 stars: Complete all stages with all five characters

Shortcuts (Warp Zones)

There are two shortcuts in the game, which allow us to skip several levels.

  • From 1-2 to world 2
At the second level, towards the end, will we see a block in the background? length. Above it are two other invisible ones, forming like a ladder. Climb up it, and in the cat costume, climb the wall to the right of the white pipe.

  • From 4-2 to world 5
Shortly after the middle of the level, is there a block? transparent. On that wall, climb in the cat suit and jump on some platforms to get to the pipe.

Unlock Luigi Bros.

The original Wii U included this mode, a version of the arcade classic Mario Bros. (from 1983, before it was Super), but starring Luigi. 2013 was the "Year of Luigi" , and the game is also littered with little pixelated Luigis. All of that remains in the Switch version.

On Wii U it could be unlocked if we had save data for New Super Luigi U. On Switch there is only one way to unlock it, passing the eight worlds and defeating Bowser in his castle.

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