Switch off Siri: Deactivate Apple's voice control - here's how

Switch off Siri: Deactivate Apple's voice control - here's how

 iPhone and iPad owners can turn off Siri when they don't need the digital assistant. And of course you can also deactivate the fact that Siri reports itself after a long press on the home button. If you don't like Siri, you should also separate your access to the apps and functions. OkayGotcha shows you how to do it.

Anyone who says "Hey Siri" clearly wants something from Siri. But the “intelligent assistant” also reports if you accidentally press the home button a little longer. Siri also monitors many actions in the background so that it can react correctly if necessary. We'll show you how to deactivate Siri and disconnect it from the system.

Turn off Siri: Don't listen to "Hey Siri" anymore

If you want to turn off Siri, there are several steps you can take: You have to deactivate your iPhone or iPad so that it pays attention to " Hey Siri ". Then you have to switch off that Siri reacts to the pressure of the home button.

So you can deactivate Siri:

  1. Open the settings and tap on " Siri & Search ".
  2. Turn off the " Pay attention to 'Hey Siri' " switch .
  3. Next you deactivate the switch at " Press the home button for Siri ". Depending on the model (without the home button), it may also say “ Press side button for Siri ”.
  4. You will now be informed that in this case your information will be deleted from the Apple servers. If you confirm this with " Deactivate Siri ", Siri is at least deactivated for voice input.

In order to deactivate other possible Siri actions , you can turn off the other switches directly below that relate to Siri suggestions . Then Siri no longer interferes if you are looking for something, for example.

After you have deactivated Siri, the home button is still occupied! If you accidentally press it a little too long, Siri won't answer, but a window will pop up every time that advertises the activation of Siri.

Siri: Turn off learning

As an assistant, Siri can also perform various actions to help you. This also includes reminders of appointments or the display of the traffic situation before you have an appointment. So that Siri can do this, your mobile phone or iPad allows Siri full access to your apps in order to "learn" from them. Siri can read emails, analyze your WhatsApp messages, follow you in the internet browser, view the photos and read along on Instagram or Twitter.

Unfortunately, this is a standard setting and is set again with every newly installed app. In order to prevent Siri from snooping around in each app and "learning" your behavior, you have to deactivate it individually in each app and repeat it for each new app. It works like this:
  1. Go to the settings and there on " Siri & Search ".
  2. Scroll down until you see the list of installed apps
  3. Now tap on each individual app and deactivate all Siri switches .
  4. Repeat this until Siri access is turned off everywhere .
  5. Remember to do that even after installing new apps.

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