The best blessings and how to unlock them | Curse of the Dead Gods


The best blessings and how to unlock them | Curse of the Dead Gods

The roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods holds a total of 21 unlockable blessings ready for you. Unfortunately, you can only equip a maximum of three of them, which is why you are spoiled for choice. In this guide we try to make your decision easier and for this reason we present the most useful blessings in our opinion.

How do I unlock blessings?

In Curse of the Dead Gods, you receive in-game currency in the form of crystal skulls for defeating opponents and bosses . You can spend these in the underworld for weapon altars, divine favor or blessings. The blessings offer you completely different passive abilities, which can ultimately determine success and failure in the dungeons.

At the start of the game, you will find that there are only a limited number of blessings available to you. You can unlock more blessings by defeating end bosses and receiving blood emblems . With 5 blood emblems you finally have access to all blessings. In the following we introduce you to all those blessings that prove to be extremely useful and tell you what makes these blessings so special:

The best blessings at a glance

blessingbenefitsCrystal skullBlood emblems
As a favorAt the beginning of your exploration you will receive 1,000 gold and 5 perception100
Snake's bountyDefeated non-optional champions or bosses drop 5 pieces of equipment (instead of 2)903
Divine perceptionEquipment found in chests or dropped by enemies is likely to be of higher quality603
As treasuresYou get 2 perceptions for every gold sacrifice made803
IndomitableRegenerates 50% max health after defeating a non-optional champion or boss1003
T'amok's breathYour physical attacks (not elemental) have a 50% chance to become fire attacks1505

That is why these blessings are particularly useful

  • Favor yourself: Favor yourself is a must-have, even if you are well advanced in the game. The reason is simple: You can choose an altar room right at the start of the game and don't have to sacrifice blood to get important items or attributes. Apart from that, increasing the attribute "Perception" by 5 points is also advantageous, since perception increases the amount of gold and the probability that your opponents will leave loot behind.

  • Snake's Bounty: Usually you only get two pieces of equipment for defeating a boss, so the chance of a rare or useful item is low. With this blessing you get 5 pieces of equipment and you can sacrifice those you don't need to the gods for bonuses.

  • Divine perception is beneficial in conjunction with "Serpent's Bounty". In our rounds we only noticed a slight difference (the equipment dropped was rarely of high quality), but with "Bounty of the Snake" the chance that one of the 5 items is of rare quality increases. However, "Divine Perception" alone is hardly recommended.

  • They are especially helpful in advanced dungeons. Every time you spend gold at an altar, you automatically receive two points on your perception, which increases both the gold gain and the drop rate of items.

  • Unbending is recommended for longer or difficult dungeons, as you save yourself one or the other path to a blood altar and can instead concentrate on the item hunt.

  • T'amok's Breath grants you a 50% chance an attack will inflict Fire damage. If you now go on a search for suitable relics, you can use them to increase your fire damage without having to pay attention to the weapon effect.

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