The best character skill builds in Disco Elysium. What skills to download for playing good and bad cop


The best character skill builds in Disco Elysium. What skills to download for playing good and bad cop

IN Disco Elysium gameplay is highly dependent on your skills. Using different builds, you can get radically different walkthroughs. The characters will be revealed to you from different sides, and the same situations will appear before you in a different light.

Good cop

Specifications: 4-4-2-2.

Signature Skill: Awe or Coordination.

Useful skills: logic, rhetoric, drama, visual analysis, willpower, empathy, esprit de corps, suggestion, brute force, awe, coordination, reaction speed, technique, self-control, perception, and an optional encyclopedia.

Two characteristics are taken by 4, which allows them to raise their skills to high values, and skills from the other two characteristics are raised by clothing, thoughts, alcohol and amphetamine. At the exit, we get the opportunity to play an exemplary cop who has taken the path of correction.

How it works?

  1. Rhetoric, suggestion, composure, reaction speed, technique and drama will help you effectively interact with people. You will know when they are lying, you will be able to convince them, get additional replies in dialogues.
  2. Visual analysis and awe will allow you to get the maximum information you need to investigate. Analysis is needed to study a crime scene, and thrill provides visions that can show you the right witnesses, evidence, or help you with hypotheses.
  3. Without authority and brute force, many people simply won't see you as a cop, especially criminals. But, the higher you pump the authority, the more often your character will abuse it, so use it in conjunction with a high will, or keep it at an average level.
  4. Esprit de corps is a must if you want to fully get to know your partner and your colleagues from the site. It has a strong influence on the game, I definitely recommend it for pumping.
  5. Encyclopedia and perception are the lore of the game. They will not help you in your investigation, but you can find out a lot of interesting information about Revachol and its inhabitants. Pump at your discretion.

Bad cop

Stats : 2-2-4-4 or 1-3-4-4 (there will be penalties).
Signature skill: authority.
Useful skills: authority, resilience, pain threshold, brute strength, dusk, coordination, reaction speed, technique, composure. Optionally, you can add esprit de corps and electrochemistry (if you plan to use harmful substances frequently).

Build a classic bad cop. Aggressive style of play, many conflict situations, a minimum of negotiations.

How it works?

  1. High values ​​for authority, brute strength, and composure (8 or more) will form the basis of your behavior. You will cruelly suppress even the slightest hint of disrespect, act rudely, "break" people for your own benefit. A high rate of "twilight" will add more impulsivity, but with it paranoia.
  2. Coordination and speed of reaction are essential for successful skirmishes and gunfights. With them, your shot will hit the target, and not the knee of your partner.
  3. Toughness and pain threshold will give you vitality. Pump as needed.
  4. Technique is an optional but extremely interesting skill. In addition to interacting with technical devices, the skill pops up in dialogues, and in completely unobvious situations.

Addicted madman

Specifications: 2-4-4-2.
Signature Skill: Inner Empire
Useful Skills: Inner Empire, Electrochemistry, Dusk, Drama, Conceptualization, Awe. The rest of the skills are optional.

Build the funniest and most useless cop in the whole Revachol. Roughly speaking, you will play as a "boat" that is actively sinking, but does it with style. I recommend at least trying this build.

How it works?

  1. All targeted skills will make you inadequate in their own way. The Inner Empire will give you the ability to talk to inanimate objects and corpses. By the way, be sure to remove the tie from the fan at the start of the game, he will become your best companion.
  2. Electrochemistry will make you deeply addicted to various substances. Instead of looking for criminals, you will look for cigarettes and alcohol.
  3. The dusk will turn you paranoid. He will constantly provoke you to commit some idiotic act.
  4. With conceptualization, you will often think in other categories. Instead of looking for evidence, you will look for the meaning of life, your true name and purpose. In sum, this is a cocktail of voices in your head that will constantly argue with each other and pull you to feats. Most likely, you will not be able to complete the game perfectly, but your walkthrough will definitely not be like any other.

Focused builds

Example of characteristics: 2-6-2-2.

Builds, where at the start one of the characteristics is taken at 6. They have a place to be, but are not the best choice for a beginner.

How it works?

The essence of such builds is to have a high level of skill from the very start and pass difficult passive checks. For example, I used 2-6-2-2 in order to immediately have an internal empire level 7 and see how this affects the start of the game. But at the same time, you will greatly limit your content from other skills. Can be used if you want something specific.

Universal build

Specifications: 3-3-3-3.
Skills: any at will.

The hardest build to execute. On the plus side, with the correct use of the game's capabilities (clothes, substances, thoughts), you will be able to pass more active tests, albeit losing passive ones. It performs well on hardcore, as there is more experience.

But at the start you will be mediocre. All your skills will be too low, you will lose a huge amount of starting passive checks and related content. Plus, this build requires some knowledge of the game.

Standard builds

Specifications: 5-1-2-4 / 1-5-4-2 / ​​1-2-5-4.

Try not to use starter builds. Features are not distributed efficiently, which can lead to the loss of a significant portion of the content.

Some tips

  • Carry a lot of clothing with you. Most of the time it is worth wearing clothes with skills that have more frequent or more useful passive checks. For example: encyclopedia, visual analysis, inner empire, empathy, awe, and so on. And don't forget to change clothes for active skill checks.
  • Increase your skill leveling limits. All harmful substances in the game temporarily increase one of the characteristics by 1 (by 2 if the thoughts of "Boyadeiro", "Cop of the Apocalypse" and "National pride for Revachol" are equipped). This can be used in order to raise the pumping limit and pump the desired skill. Even when the effect of the substances ends, the skill will still remain with you.
  • Use thoughts. The game has a locker of thoughts (the extreme icon on the panel in the lower right corner). After certain events, thoughts will appear there. They can give bonuses to skills, or to the limit of pumping skills. Important: every thought first needs to be thought out, and at this stage it will give completely different bonuses than later.

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