The best food in Valheim and how you prepare it


The best food in Valheim and how you prepare it

In Valheim , food largely determines how strong your Viking is. MeinMMO shows you the best foods with the strongest buffs and reveals which food combinations bring the greatest bonus.


What use is food to me? In Valheim you don't need food to survive - after all, in principle you are already dead, Valheim is the world after your death. Instead, food provides you with buffs.

Food increases your maximum health, your maximum stamina and the amount of health that you regularly regenerate. Depending on how well and balanced you eat, these buffs are better or worse. You can eat up to three different types of food at the same time and keep their buffs active.

The effect of food decreases over time, so it gets weaker and weaker. As soon as the icon begins to flash in your status at the bottom left, you can take new food. As a rule of thumb, the more demanding the food is to produce, the stronger it is.

Tip: Use the “rested” bonus to get the most out of your regeneration. If you spend a certain amount of time in peace, you are rested and receive a bonus on the life and endurance regeneration.

The 5 best foods

These foods are most rewarding: There are five recipes that give you particularly powerful bonuses. Most of them, however, you will learn late in the game:

  • Lox meat pie: +80 health and stamina each, 4 heals per tick, lasts 2400 seconds
  • Snake Stew: +80 Health and Stamina each, 4 heals per tick, lasts 2400 seconds
  • Blood pudding: +90 health and +50 stamina, 4 heals per tick, lasts 2400 seconds
  • Fish nibbles: +60 health and +90 stamina, 4 heals per tick, lasts 2400 seconds
  • Honey: +20 health and stamina each, 5 healing per tick, lasts 300 seconds

You can learn the snake stew quite early because it only needs snake meat. You only learn all other recipes when you can enter the levels. Honey is on this list because no other food has such powerful healing properties. But it's only worth it raw for this purpose - it's easier to process into mead for stronger buffs.

Where do i learn them? You should have already found most of the ingredients on your travels and usually only one ingredient is missing before you can learn the recipe. You can find mushrooms, honey and thistles in the floodplain and dark forest. There are blood bags in the swamp near the suction worms. In our guide you can read how to survive in the dangerous swamp .

You can only get the snake meat for the stew from sea snakes in the ocean. You can kill these alone, but it is easier with a friend. A second player can harpoon the snake and you can pull it ashore together to kill it there.

You can only get lox meat, cloudberries and flour for the pâté in the plains, the most difficult of the currently playable areas. You get flour by grinding barley, lox meat is available from the large loxes ( which you can also tame ) and the berries are scattered on the plains, like raspberries in the alluvial forest. The flour is also an ingredient in fish snacks and blood pudding.

You also need raw or cooked fish for the fish appetizers. You get it with a fishing rod that you have to buy from the dealer Haldor. Haldor is hiding somewhere in the dark forest and you can easily find the dealer on this map .

Recipes for all foods

These are all the recipes: We have listed all the recipes for prepared food here for an overview. We left out simple foods such as meat that is simply hung over the fire or raw mushrooms and berries, as these are not among the best foods anyway.

  • Berry jam (x 4): 8 x raspberries, 8 x blueberries
  • Carrot soup: 1 x mushroom, 3 x carrot
  • Sausages (x 4): 2 x entrails, 1 x raw meat, 4 x thistle
  • Beet stew: 1 x raw meat, 3 x turnip
  • Bread: 10 x barley flour
  • Fish bites: 2 x cooked fish, 4 x barley flour
  • Blood pudding: 2 x thistle, 2 x blood sack, 4 x barley flour
  • Lox meat pie: 2 x cloudberries, 2 x boiled lox meat, 4 x barley flour
  • Snake stew: 1 x mushroom, 1 x boiled snake meat, 2 x honey

How do I make food? To prepare the food you need a kettle. You will learn that as soon as you enter the dark forest and process ores there. You need:

  • 10 x tin
  • a forge (4 x stone, 4 x coal, 10 x wood, 6 x copper and a workbench)

You then have to place the cauldron over a campfire or fireplace. You can then interact with it, such as with a workbench and simply make the appropriate food. It is therefore not necessarily worth making more than one kettle, unless several people want to cook.

You can find out how you mine tin and copper in our great guide for all ores in Valheim .

The 3 best food combinations for your travels

Since you can always use three different foods at once, the recipes result in a number of combinations. We introduce you to some of the best station wagons.

The best endurance combination

  • Lox meat pie
  • Snake stew
  • Fish bites
  • total stamina bonus: +250

With stamina, you can strike more often and thus attack better or reduce resources. Use this combination if you have a friend in the group who fuels bosses for you or if you want to mine ore and collect raw materials.

The best health combination

  • Lox meat pie
  • Snake stew
  • Fish bites
  • total life bonus: +250

With more life points you can withstand more blows. This combination is best used if you want to play as a tank or if you venture into dangerous areas where you suspect stronger or many opponents. In the plains, watch out for the nasty mosquitoes, probably the most dangerous opponents in Valheim .

The best combination from the dark forest

  • Beet stew
  • carrot soup
  • cooked meat
  • total stamina bonus: +140
  • total health bonus: +110

With this combination you should get through the game for some time and even be able to survive the mountains quite well. As an alternative to meat, you can eat berry jam, which gives you 10 more stamina and 10 less health. As soon as you have reached the swamp, sausages are also worthwhile. They can be made in large quantities and are as strong as the beet stew.

Bonus: The best combination to start with

  • cooked meat
  • grilled mermaid tail
  • Mushrooms

This combo is best for brand new players because you can get all the ingredients easily. You only need the tails of the mermaids, meat from wild boar or deer and mushrooms from the forest. With this combination you have 113 life points and a good amount of stamina to sprint longer or to mine resources.

So you get even more out of your character

If you want to go into more difficult areas or want to fight against opponents in a targeted manner, you should get mead in addition to food. In Valheim, mead serves as a healing and endurance potion as well as a buff, for example against frost or poison damage. In our guide you will learn how to ferment honey and how to make mead .

You should also always pay attention to your equipment. Pack strong armor and weapons when you go. We have listed the best weapons in Valheim for you here. The choice of weapon type is also important - skeletons, for example, are prone to blunt damage and resistant to stabs.

With our tips you are otherwise ideally prepared to explore Valheim and face its dangers. The biggest challenges are then only the bosses and their mechanics. We explain in detail how you can find and kill each of the five bosses in Valheim .

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