The best weapons and their effects | Curse of the Dead Gods


The best weapons and their effects | Curse of the Dead Gods

In order to successfully beat your way through the increasingly harder temples in Curse of the Dead Gods , you need the right weapons. In this guide we will introduce you to the effects of the best weapons and explain why they are so useful.

How do I unlock lost weapons?

Whenever you defeat a boss inside a temple, you will receive 5 jade rings. You can spend these rings in the underworld to buy so-called lost weapons . You unlock a lost weapon, but you cannot use it directly. Instead, there is a possibility that it will be found inside a temple in the future.

Nonetheless, investing in Lost Weapons is extremely important, because without it you will grit your teeth at your opponents in advanced temples. In the following we introduce you to the best weapons that Curse of the Dead Gods has to offer:

Note: This article is still in process and will be continuously expanded until it is completed.

The best weapons at a glance

"Denial", blade of Xbeltz'alocMain weapon - sword12Combo Finishing Attacks and Charged Attacks interrupt opponents' normal attacks
Warmonger's ClawsMain weapon - claw12+ 3% base damage per fitness point
"Flagellation", mistress of agonySecondary weapon - whip29+ 30% damage in the dark
"Heartbreaker", the carnivoreSecondary weapon - dagger15thEach kill increases the base damage permanently by 5% (max. 200%)
TitanslayerTwo-handed weapon - heavy40Critical hits on elite opponents, champions and bosses

That is why these weapons are particularly useful

  • "Denial", Blade of Xbeltz'aloc: Major weapons cannot normally interrupt enemy attacks. With this sword you can often complete your attack chains without getting into trouble.

  • Warmonger's Claws: Fitness points increase your damage with all weapon types and can be increased with the help of relics or in attribute rooms. If you focus on this attribute, this claw can grow into a truly destructive force.

  • "Flagellation", mistress of agony: If you generally find it annoying to light up the rooms with the help of your torch, this whip is a good choice. It does enormous damage in the dark. On top of that, it has a long range and enables quick attacks.

  • "Heartbreaker", the carnivore: This dagger may not terrify your enemies at first, but its base damage can be tripled - without an upgrade. To get the maximum benefit from this weapon, you should kill as many enemies as possible in the first dungeons and go to upgrade rooms to further increase the damage.

  • Titan Slayer: One of the most useful weapons in the entire game is the Titan Slayer. Champions and bosses are extremely resilient and dangerous. To survive against it, you need this two-handed sword. A hit with the titanslayer stuns elite opponents / champions and also always causes critical damage to bosses, which you can further expand with the help of relics.

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