The Bursting / Explosive Week is now running in WoW - The best Mythic + and tips


The Bursting / Explosive Week is now running in WoW - The best Mythic + and tips

The mythical keystone dungeons ("Mythic +") are among the toughest PvE challenges in World of Warcraft . This week the affixes Bursting and Explosive are waiting for you - a pretty easy combination. MeinMMO gives you tips on the affixes and shows you which dungeons work best.

Which affixes are active this week? Each keystone that you receive can have up to four affixes that always apply to the entire dungeon. The following affixes are active this week:

  • Tyrannical (Level 2+) - Bosses have 30% more health and they and their servants inflict up to 15% more damage. The affix was nerfed in early February 2021.
  • Bursting (Level 4+) - Normal enemies leave a damage-over-time effect on all players after death that deals damage for four seconds and is stackable
  • Explosive (Level 7+) - Enemies regularly release explosive bullets in combat, which detonate after a while and inflict 50% of the maximum life energy of all players in fire damage. They are immune to area attacks like Blizzard
  • Pride (Level 10+) - As soon as you have defeated 20% of the opposing forces, a manifestation of pride appears which you have to defeat

How long is the affix week? The Bursting / Explosive Week starts on Wednesday, January 10th and ends on Wednesday, February 17th.

If you are not used to the affixes or are not familiar with them, you will probably have difficulties with them. Both of them are extremely fatal if handled incorrectly. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to master. We'll give you tips on how to play each affix properly and in which dungeons you will have it a little easier this week.

The best dungeons this week

Where can I get through easily? This week there are no absolutely unmanageable dungeons, even if everything is a little harder due to tyrannical behavior. As in almost every week, the Mists of Tirna Scithe and the Halls of Atonement are the easiest dungeons.

In both the timers are quite easy to create and you have enough space to play the affixes. The bosses don't get that much harder, even if you have to be careful with the first boss in the mists, as he can screw up your run.

Otherwise, the epidemic fall and the necrotic lane are quite feasible with further nerfs for many dungeons this week. If you are still missing keys here, you should try it this week.

These dungeons are more difficult: The Theater of Pain and the Bloody Depths are traditionally two of the toughest instances and will remain so this week. In the theater, tyrannical behavior in particular makes some bosses quite tough, especially Bluthack.

The Bloody Depths are generally considered to be the toughest dungeon in Shadowlands and with Tyrannical the bosses become even more demanding. If you have the choice, avoid these two dungeons.

In addition, Die Andre Seite is relatively demanding this week. Despite the nerfs, Merchant Xy'exa is a big challenge and can wipe your group. Be careful and don't underestimate how strong the bosses are despite nerfs.

Tyrannical and Pride - This is what you need to watch out for

What are these affixes? These two are a bit out of line. Increased weekly alternates with tyrannical. The two affixes either strengthen normal enemies or bosses.

Proud, on the other hand, is the seasonal affix. This affix will be active from level 10 for the entire first season of Shadowlands.

This is the best way to handle the affixes: Reinforced and Tyrannical have no special mechanics. All you should do is try to have a manifestation of pride for each boss and have your cooldowns ready for it.

On the other hand, you have to be able to handle pride properly. Defeating the manifestation grants you a damage buff for one minute, which is best used for particularly difficult opponents.

Try to hit a 20% mark before a tough fight, then defeat the manifestation before moving on to the next fight. Make sure that the manifestation does not appear in the middle of a fight. Addons like Mythic Dungeon Tools show you what percentage an opponent is worth and even let you plan routes

Bursting and explosive - you have to watch out for this

This is how you handle the affixes best: Both affixes prevent you from pulling together too large groups or killing the opponents at the same time. This can quickly end in a wipe and in not making the timer.

Bursting is an affix that the whole group must watch out for. Talk to the healer about how many stacks of bursting he can heal and never kill too many enemies in quick succession. If in doubt, wait with an absolute damage stop until the stacks have expired.

Coordination and interaction are important here. The tank determines the size of the group, but the DPS players have to be careful how the targets die. Provide as precise information as possible or use raid symbols to mark enemies. Too much AoE damage can also be fatal here.

Explosive, on the other hand, is quite easy, especially if you have a melee in the group. The bullets appear near enemies and have little health.

Deploy your melee or a hunter to kill the bullets - they only have a few skills to briefly destroy and they do not have to break any spells.

It is important that you react quickly. Either use Weakauren with the Weakauras add-on, which we recommend anyway .

Which classes have it easier? Basically, no class is necessarily at an advantage, but melee fighters have a significantly higher chance of being taken this week. Melee fighters can easily play the explosive balls and are particularly valuable for the group.

Classes with skills that can destroy bullets quickly are particularly popular here. Ideally, these skills should cost few resources and not interrupt the player as he rotates. Possible specializations are for example:

  • Weapons warrior
  • Outlaw villains
  • Marksmanship Hunter
  • Magic classes with strong spontaneous magic

Which classes have it harder? Explosiv is particularly annoying for groups that consist purely of magic classes, all of which have to cast spells. Casters have to interrupt their spells in order to switch to the balls and so may lose a lot of their performance.

The week is particularly annoying for healers. If your DPS players can't keep their feet still, the stacks of Burst can quickly become incurable. Especially healers without very strong group healing can quickly get into the row here. The week is troublesome for:

  • Healers without strong group healing like paladins
  • Classes with long spells like Destruction Sorcerers or Fire Mages

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