The Elder Scrolls Online - Necromancer


The Elder Scrolls Online - Necromancer

After the update, The Elder Scrolls Online has a new class for your future hero - the necromancer. In this guide you will find out: which race is best to choose for such a universal class of hero, what to download, learn more about his abilities and capabilities in the game, in the guide we will select the most effective weapon, as well as analyze a lot of other important moments for a comfortable game.

Immediately about the main thing and in order

A necromancer is a versatile and very flexible character in gameplay who from time to time can draw negative attention to himself because of the "dark magic" that is the main for this hero.

Everything that is connected with the uprising of the dead and other spells of the other world causes aggression among civilians and guards. This has its own complexity, but also its own flavor in the gameplay. However, if you are not afraid of "crime" and forced running from time to time in a peaceful city, then this hero may suit you.

The beauty of The Elder Scrolls Online is that your hero can be a tank, a healer and a damage dealer at the same time! The necromancer will perfectly cope with any role in the team, and can easily stand against a horde of enemies in solo, pumping in all 3 branches of abilities. And this is one more advantage.

If you decide to glue a necromancer based on manna, then the best races for him will be Breton (less often, but you can), Dunmer (balance) or Almer (ideal). They are all suitable for mana builds.

If you want to make a versatile person, then rely on endurance, the race in this case is also selected based on stamina - this is an orc (ideal), redguard (excellent stamina indicators), dunmer (good balance) or Khajiit (not a priority, but possible).

Important for all classes: you need to bring one class skill to the panel for experience to go there. This applies not only to mana specialization, but also to any other. If there is no skill on the panel, experience will not go to the branch! This means that the rest of the skills will not open. This rule does not apply to the weapon branch.

Where to get clothes at the start, if they are not there: you can steal them somewhere in the city square, you can knock them out of mobs (though it will only fall from level 7), or join a guild and ask the guild crafter to make you clothes. You don't need to buy, you can just ask.

More on Mana Necromancer

Your first task will be the usual leveling up and unlocking skills. From armor, you will need to swing and open light armor and the staff of destruction. In order for the weapon branch of the staff of destruction to open, you just need to kill one of any mobs. And to open the branch of light armor, you need to put on 3 pieces of light armor.

If you want to cheat and put on 1 item in a set on heavy armor (so that it swings just in case) - yes, the branch of heavy armor will swing, but it will not be open and skills will not be visible to you. In addition, it is better for the necromancer-magician to collect full sets for light armor.

As far as skills go, while you get to level 50

In the "Lord of the Graves" branch you need to pump in all the skills. As you open, take them out to the panel and swing, swing, swing. In the "bone tyrant" only the first skill is useful. The "living death" branch - swing 1 active skill, so that the branch swing further, you need to throw points into all passives. Here ulta will come in handy for you, download it. 

At the landing party of destruction, swing the second and fourth skills and all passives. Ult at level 50, too, be sure to activate and morph into the elmental range (just in case).

For armor, download all the skills and download their only active skill, which you then need to morph into magic IV's harness. (even in Russian localization, English names are still used).

From guild skills - be sure to download the guild of magicians (you need to collect all sorts of books). You will definitely need your first skill and ultimate. Absolutely everyone will be useful. In the fighters guild, swing the first 3 passives and the last skill for crit damage. Psijic Order (if any) - the second skill morphs into elemental, and the third skill morphs into channeled. The order passives will also be needed. Undaunted - both passives + the last skill in the list of assets, which then needs to be frozen into mystic orb.

In the racial branch, download everything, and in the craft branch, download alchemy, namely passive 1 and 3. Very good to swing on flies + nightshade, you get poison and swing cheap alchemy.

If it works out, try to get infected with vampirism and be sure to pump him 2 passive for regen. The rest of the skills are optional.

After that, you take another 160 champion points and only then can you collect your first build. By the way, it is better not to spend gold until now, the maximum that it makes sense to spend on is to expand the inventory (bag vendor) and food.

More about food

Up to level 50, you will need a strong brew of the mother witch. It is inexpensive and you can get it without any problems from the guild merchants.

Now about your first Necromancer Manna Sets

You can choose to craft Julianos and New Moon. Both of them need to be enchanted with maximum magic. New Moon is more damaging, but it increases the cost of active abilities by as much as 5% and this is strongly felt during the game, so he is not as comfortable as Julianos, who restores magic more. See for yourself what you like best.

As a result, you will need to craft a full set of armor (chest + leggings + boots from the set) and weapons from the selected set. The staff must be enchanted to increase damage with spells, the second staff for fire damage.

Another set can be knocked out in Deshaan, which is called Mather Sorow. Jewelry is knocked out in dalmens (all 3 parts), as well as belt and boots, arms, chest and leggings from bosses or sorties.

You can run around collecting parts of the setup, and what is missing, then you can do it. Or you can run around the location and collect a set of chests. As a result, you are going to be like this fighter.

Mandus Stone - Shadow (Shadow), keep vampirism at the 2nd stage, eat a variety of food for hp and mana, a witch's brew, and you will also need these craft bottles that you will make yourself or buy from the guild merchant.

Beyond the constellation and already 180 champion points: blue line: atronach 20 (master at arms), student 43 (elemental expert). Green line: lover 60 (arkanist 56 + tenasity 4), red line: lady 60 (hardy 37 + elemental defemnder 23) to start.

Then you slowly pump the lady into the specified skills and get the horse. Also, slowly max out the green branch to the specified skills, as well as in the blue branch.

More on Stamina Necromancer

In the case of a necromancer stamina, it is very important to put 45 points into the reserve of strength, the next priority indicator is health, and all other points can be scattered in a random order at your discretion.

The Mandus Stone, which is perfect for you up to and including 160 Champion Points, is The Lover. It is located near the town of Marbrook in the Greenshade region.

Immediately about PVE and PVP - there is no point in immediately going against real players. Swing with mobs, it is necessary and important to fully pump the hero before trying to stand against the players. There you will need not only straight arms, but also completely different abilities.

Let's see in more detail:

What to download for PVE 1 panel: Poison Skull, Pestilent Exploding Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Rebirth and a random weapon skill of your choice for mana. Take the Ult "Plague Colossus", it will come in handy on the farm.

What to download for PVE 2 panel: Bone Armor, Destructive Harvest, Coil of Life, Necrotic Power, any weapon for mana, take the "Ravenous Giant" as your ultimate.

What to download for PVP: Remove corruption, Loud cry, Bone armor, any weapon with mana, Destructive harvest and take the "Temporary guard" as an ultimate. Thus, your hero will become more survivable and more damaging.

As for the champion system - throw points into those passives that will improve HP regen and stamina (constellation of the Lover), in the Apprentice - the element, in the Ritual - power + thaumaturge.

What will you eat for buffs and drink from potions: potions for (crit, strength of arms, armor) + stewed rabbit with vegetables, Artaeum marching broth, fish pie with melon sauce.

Suitable Sets: Spriggan Thorns or New Moon Acolyte. At your discretion, both sets are suitable for playing up to level 50.

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