The Inspirational / Stormy Week is now running in WoW - The best Mythic + and tips


The Inspirational / Stormy Week is now running in WoW - The best Mythic + and tips

The mythical keystone dungeons ("Mythic +") are among the toughest PvE challenges in World of Warcraft . This week the affixes Inspirational and Stormy are waiting for you, which can be a little tricky. OkayGotcha gives you tips on the affixes and shows you which dungeons work best.

Which affixes are active this week? Each keystone that you receive can have up to four affixes that always apply to the entire dungeon. The following affixes are active this week:

  • Reinforced (Level 2+) - Normal enemies have an additional + 20% health and + 30% damage
  • Inspirational (Level 4+) - Certain normal enemies have an aura that gives their allies immunity to control effects, similar to the “beguiling” affix from BfA
  • Stormy (Level 7+) - Enemies in combat regularly summon whirlwinds that damage players and knock them into the air and backwards
  • Pride (Level 10+) - As soon as you have defeated 20% of the opposing forces, a manifestation of pride appears which you have to defeat

How long is the affix week? Going On / Necrotic Week starts on Wednesday February 3rd and ends on Wednesday February 10th. Together with the week there is a big buff for ten classes .

If you are not used to the affixes or are not familiar with them, you might be surprised by them. They're not necessarily difficult, but Stormy, in particular, could take many players off guard, and Inspirational requires a little more planning. However, none of the dungeons this week are absolutely unfair, all of them are manageable with a little preparation. We'll give you tips on how to play each affix properly and in which dungeons you will have it a little easier this week.

The best dungeons this week

Where can I get through easily? As almost always, the Mists of Tirna Scithe and the Halls of Atonement are relatively easy to master this week. If you want to earn a selection of chic items in the Great Treasury , look for stones in these two dungeons.

Both the fog and the halls offer enough space to play the vortex of Stormy properly without bringing unwanted groups into the fight. The routes hardly change. Reinforced makes the fights only slightly more difficult and slows you down by a few seconds or minutes if necessary.

In the last section, however, make sure that you are not thrown into the depths in the mists. That could screw up your run quickly. Take a night fae with you, which gives you a resurrection point after the second boss.

Alternatively, Epuchensturz and Die Nekroten Schneise offer a reasonably easy way through. The aisle in particular has become significantly easier thanks to the latest Nerf on February 3rd.

These dungeons are more difficult: The Theater of Pain should be more of a challenge. Especially with the platforms in front of the boss Kul'tharok it is difficult to avoid the vortices and they can quickly mean the death of unwary players.

In addition, The Bloody Depths are still tricky despite Nerf, but not as hard as they were a few weeks ago. In general, the dungeons are the two most difficult this week, but they are not absolutely impossible. If you are still missing keys in these two dungeons, you should use this week.

Reinforced and Pride - This is what you need to look out for

What kind of affixes are these? These two are a bit out of line. Increasingly, weekly alternates with tyrannical. The two affixes either strengthen normal enemies or bosses.

Proud, on the other hand, is the seasonal affix. This affix will be active from level 10 for the entire first season of Shadowlands.

This is the best way to handle the affixes: Reinforced and Tyrannical have no special mechanics. All you have to do at higher levels is to ensure that you do not pull together too large groups of opponents during Reinforced. That goes through Inspirational but not so well this week anyway. Use your cooldowns for "trash mobs" too.

However, you have to be able to handle pride properly. Defeating the manifestation grants you a damage buff for one minute, which is best used for particularly difficult opponents.

Try to hit a 20% mark before a tough fight, then defeat the manifestation before moving on to the next fight. Make sure that the manifestation does not appear in the middle of a fight. Addons such as Mythic Dungeon Tools show you what percentage an opponent is worth and even let you plan routes

Inspirational and Stormy - This is what you need to look out for

This is the best way to handle the affixes: Inspirational and Stormy are the two special affixes for this week. Both require planning and anticipation so they don't catch you in the middle of a fight.

Inspirational usually affects at most one opponent in a group. This reinforces everyone else in the area, but is itself prone to control. Use abilities like enchantment, headbuttons or other effects and pull the other opponents out of his effect area so that you can control them in battle.

Alternatively, you can knock down the "inspiring" opponent immediately with cooldowns and then eliminate the rest of the group.

Stormy is especially tricky for hand-to-hand combatants because the eddies are not always easy to see and can lead you away from your goal. Although the affix is ​​actually quite simple, it can screw up a run for you quickly if you're not careful.

Watch out for small, gray eddies on the ground that turn into eddy winds shortly afterwards. Avoid them and their movement. They move in a spiral for about 10 seconds. Several eddies can be active at the same time, so always look at the ground.

These "swirlys" indicate where a vortex is emerging.

You have to be careful of these eddies.

If you are in a tight area, position yourself so that you will never be thrown into other opponents if you cannot avoid the vortices. It is beneficial if the tank is trying to either keep enemies calm or pull them away from the vortices. Constantly going around in circles, which is currently popular , could be more of a problem for melee fighters.

Which classes have it easier? In general, more mobile classes have an advantage, which are not necessarily affected once they are pushed away by the vertebrae. They don't do much damage, but they break spells and throw you out of melee range.

Likewise, classes with strong control effects can be useful for the whole group in order to keep the "inspirational" opponents occupied. That is why:

  • Warriors who can simply ignore the vortex with Onslaught or Heroic Leap
  • Magicians, especially fire magicians, with metamorphosis and scorching
  • Rogues with head buttocks and blinds as well as heavy damage even on single targets
  • All Nachtfae players who can ignore a recoil due to soul form
  • Death Knights made immune to the winds of Stormy by Unstoppable Death

Which classes have it harder? The actually tricky affix of the week is stormy and messes up the game for most classes. Especially magic classes with long casting times and slow melee fighters are left out here.

Even healers can be caught so unfavorably by the vortex that they either have to cancel a spell or try to end it - which in the worst case can lead to a wipe if the spell no longer works. That is why:

  • Healers with little or no spontaneous spells like holy priests
  • Spell classes with long cast times like Destruction Sorcerers
  • slow melee fighters, such as paladins or reinforcement shamans

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