The Shore does not start, crashes - solution to any technical and gameplay problems.

The Shore does not start, crashes - solution to any technical and gameplay problems.

 The Shore glitches or won't launch? There is a solution! Constant lags and freezes are not a problem! After installing the mod, The Shore began to glitch or the NPCs do not respond to the completion of the task?

The game won't start

Here are the answers to the most common mistakes. In case you did not find anything suitable for solving your problem.

The game crashes to the desktop without errors.

A: Most likely the problem is in damaged game files. In this case, it is recommended to reinstall the game, after copying all the save. If the game was downloaded from the official store, you can not worry about the safety of progress.

The Shore doesn't work on console.

A: Update the software to the current version, as well as check the stability of the Internet connection. If a complete update of the console firmware and the game itself did not solve the problem, then it is worth reloading the game, having previously deleted it from the disk.

Error 0xc000007b.

A: There are two solutions.

The first is to completely reinstall the game. In some cases, this fixes the problem.

The second consists of two stages:

  • Full reinstallation (if the installer at the first launch will offer the option to delete files - we do this, and then run it again for a clean installation) of DirectX components, Microsoft Visual C ++ and Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • If it does not help, then you will need to check the game shortcut by the Dependency Walker application (or similar).

Error 0xc0000142.

A: Most often this error occurs due to the presence of Cyrillic (Russian letters) in one of the paths in which the game stores its files. This can be the username or the folder itself in which the game is located. The solution will be to install the game in another folder, the name of which is written in English letters, or change the username.

Error 0xc0000906.

A: This error is related to the blocking of one or more game files by antivirus or Windows Defender. To fix it, you need to add the entire game folder to the exceptions. This procedure is individual for each antivirus and you should refer to its help system. It is worth noting that you do this at your own peril and risk. We all love repacks, but if you are often tormented by this error, you should think about buying games.

Missing msvcp 140.dll / msvcp 120.dll / msvcp 110.dll / msvcp 100.dll

A: An error occurs if the correct version of the Microsoft Visual C ++ package is missing on the computer, which includes msvcp 140.dll (and similar ones). The solution is to install the correct version of the package.

After downloading and installing the new package, the error should be gone. If the message about the absence of msvcp 140.dll (120, 110, 100) persists, you must do the following:

  • Click on Windows + R; 
  • Enter the command “regsvrЗ2 msvcp140.dll” (without quotes);
  • Click "OK";
  • Reboot your computer.

Error 0xc0000009a / 0xc0000009b / 0xc0000009f and others

О: All errors starting with index 0xc0000009 (for example 0xc0000009a, where any letter or number can be in place "a") can be attributed to the same family. Such errors are the result of problems with the RAM or the paging file.

Before starting the following steps, we strongly recommend that you disable some background processes and third-party programs, and then try again to launch The Shore .
Increase the size of the swap file:

  • Right-click on the computer icon, and then: "Advanced system settings" - "Advanced" - "Performance" - "Advanced" - "Virtual memory" - "Change".
  • We select one disk, set the same size.
  • We reboot.

The paging file size must be a multiple of 1024. The size depends on the free space on the selected local disk. We recommend that you set it equal to the amount of RAM.
If error 0xc0000009a persists, you need to check your RAM. To do this, you need to use the functions of such programs as MemTest86, Acronis, Everest.

The game slows down and lags

Most likely this problem is of a hardware nature. Check the game's system requirements and set the correct graphics quality settings.

There are brakes in the game.

A: Check your computer for viruses, disable unnecessary background processes and unused programs in the task manager. It is also worth checking the status of the hard drive using specialized programs like Hard Drive Inspector. Check the temperature of your processor and graphics card — it might be time to service your computer.

Long load times in the game.

A: Check the status of your hard drive. It is recommended to remove unnecessary mods - they can greatly affect the download duration. Check your antivirus settings and be sure to set it to “game mode” or its equivalent.

The Shore lags.

A: The reasons for intermittent brakes (freezes or lags) in The Shore may be applications running in the background. Particular attention should be paid to programs like Discord and Skype. If there are lags in other games, then we recommend checking the status of the hard disk - most likely it's time to replace it.

Mod problems

Many modifications require additional programs to run or are installed “over” other mods. Read the installation instructions carefully and follow all steps exactly. All the necessary programs can be found in the "files" section of our website. Before starting any modifications, it is mandatory to download Microsoft Visual C ++ and Microsoft .NET Framework and Java Runtime Environment by downloading them from the official websites of the developers. Both of these platforms are, to one degree or another, used to work on creating and launching modifications, especially complex ones.

Download / update errors

Check the stability of your internet connection as well as your download speed. If the ping is too high or the bandwidth is too low, the update may throw errors.

If The Shore store or launcher does not complete the update or gives errors, then reinstall the program itself. In this case, all the games you downloaded will be saved.

Run the game data integrity check.

Check the free space on the disk where the game is installed, as well as on the disk with the operating system. In both cases, there should be no less free space than the game takes at the moment. Ideally, you should always have a supply of about 100GB.

Check your antivirus and Windows Defender settings, and firewall permissions. It is possible that they restrict the internet connection for a number of applications. This problem can be solved by completely reinstalling the store or launcher. most of them will ask for internet access during the installation process.

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