The worst Call of Duty Warzone weapons to avoid at all costs (February 2021)


The worst Call of Duty Warzone weapons to avoid at all costs (February 2021)

If you want to find a difficult challenge, we suggest you try to win a game in Call of Duty Warzone with one of these weapons. It will be almost impossible for you.

With Call of Duty Warzone we've always gone over the best weapons and weapon configurations , but it's also time to get a good look at some of the weapons that we wouldn't touch with a stick. ¿ What are the worst weapons Warzone today ?

Because Raven Software and Activision are constantly working on  Call of Duty Warzone and making very numerous changes in a short time, this list could be out of date after some patches and updates. Although, without a doubt, these are some of the worst weapons in the game. Inside list:

The worst Call of Duty Warzone weapons to avoid at all costs (February 2021)

Riot Shield - Melee

In Warzone, where all enemies have more health, carrying this weapon is more of a trolling than anything else. The Riot Shield can protect you from bullets, but it is very slow and it is much more likely that you will be surprised that you can deliver the necessary blows to your rivals to finish them off. It is not an option to consider.

Dragunov - Sniper Rifle

Being Warzone a game mode where killing as fast as possible is necessary and if possible without revealing your position, Dragunov is the opposite. Its reduced damage means that you need several shots to finish the player and that, in a precision rifle, should not occur. There are infinitely more powerful weapons of this class and the fact that it is semi-automatic is not even a determining factor.

Model 680 - Shotgun

Shotguns have gained a little more presence within Warzone, although they remain a very niche weapon. The Model 680 is one of the worst in the class today, although be aware at short distances and in the right hands it can continue to wreak havoc: but there are much better ones like the Streets Sweeper or the Gallo.

FR 5.56 - Assault rifle

One of the most iconic weapons in the saga, the well-known FAMAS, has lost much of its presence within assault rifles. Despite always being at or close to the top, the FR 5.56 is now going through difficult times due to very demanding rivals such as the CR56 AMAX, Kilo, M4A1 and many more.

Milano - Submachine Gun

There are quite a few weapons that don't measure up, the Milano is one of those that barely stands out in the class of submachine guns and has not been relevant for quite some time. There is not much else to comment on and it is a weapon that does not match Warzone or his style of play, right now.

KSP 45 - Submachine gun

We do not leave the submachine guns aside and the case of the KSP 45 is very similar to the previous one: it simply does not meet the sufficient base statistics to be a viable option. It is one of the weakest submachine guns and you will need to be very precise and always catch your rivals off guard if you want to emerge unscathed from the confrontations carrying this weapon.

Now you know what you should not equip.

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