This is how realistic GTA V looks on PC with new 8K mods with ray tracing


This is how realistic GTA V looks on PC with new 8K mods with ray tracing

Grand Theft Auto V continues to surprise in its PC version thanks to the work of many fans almost eight years after its original launch.

GTA V , the celebrated and successful video game from Rockstar Games , continues to be talked about after almost eight years since its original launch two generations ago, a title that has received its corresponding ports for PC and the last generation and with plans to also appear in the new generation , always betting on graphic excellence in each new version as one of its greatest exponents. And good proof of this are the numerous mods that have appeared for the compatible version, currently demonstrating an unprecedented realism in the Rockstar title and reaching8K resolutions with ray tracing .

Spectacular gameplay video

This is the case of the latest mods released for the compatible version of Grand Theft Auto V, such as the modder DubStepZz , which thanks to its mod it is possible to play the Rockstar Games title at a maximum resolution of 8K with ray tracing activated. . Obviously, to execute this graphic level it is necessary to have the latest hardware; Not for nothing, the gameplay shared by its author specifies that it plays with a powerful Nvidia RTX 3090 .

Thus, anyone who has the necessary hardware to enjoy this new mod, can now go to the author's website to subscribe to his Patreon to download it, with a price of 5 euros without the corresponding taxes included. Once the payment is made, you will be able to enjoy the graphical improvements of a mod that seems like one of the most realistic created so far.

GTA V plans to reach the new generation in 2021 through an update patch with graphical and performance improvements; for the moment, yes, only it confirmed his version of PS5 , but most likely also reach Xbox Series X | S .

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