This makes it easier for you to use the map in Valheim - even without portals


This makes it easier for you to use the map in Valheim - even without portals

The map of Valheim is huge and traveling around it can cost you many hours. It is particularly annoying when you have to sail around large islands by ship and then you run out of wind. Players have now found a way out: they dig themselves channels.

What kind of technology is that? Valheim allows you to adapt your world by terraforming. You can dig hills and trenches this way - and in some cases a canal to pass through by ship.

If you dig deep enough, in most cases you will encounter water, exactly at sea level. Some players take advantage of this to build a channel through the islands on the huge maps of Valheim .

You can see what it looks like in this clip from reddit, in which a player dug a canal for his carve to connect an inland lake and the ocean:

Made a canal to connect two major bodies of water from r/valheim

What use is that to me? With this technique you can use your ship to sail across a large island instead of around it. This allows you to get to different places more quickly - for example in the swamp to mine iron. You can still cross the canal with a bridge.

This is particularly useful if you want to cover longer distances without a portal or if you want to transport ore. But make sure you dig deep enough, otherwise your ship won't get through. A karve shouldn't have any problems anyway, but for a longship you have to create the channel correctly. 

Canals and terraforming in Valheim - that's how it works

How do I create a channel? As such, you only need two tools: a pickaxe and a pickaxe. With the pickaxe you can simply lower land, with the hoe you can raise areas again or lower them even further than you thought.

To create a canal, you should stand at a low point on one of the two banks that you want to connect. Dig deep enough that you can just stand and then start tearing down the surrounding heights with the pickaxe.

Stand a bit away from the wall, otherwise you will lift the part you are standing on again. A pickaxe this way lowers the height of the part in front of you to the height you are currently standing at. 

This is important because you can usually only dig eight meters into the ground. But if you are already at a lower point and hit a wall in front of you, it will be torn down immediately, regardless of its height. The YouTuber Slindrep shows more tricks for terraforming in his video:

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