This will give you more iridium ore | Stardew Valley

 The best ore in Stardew Valley is iridium. This will improve your tools to the highest level and make useful items such as the iridium sprinkler or the iridium fishing rod. Since the ore is rarely found, we would like to give you helpful tips on farming iridium in this guide so that you can work on your belongings with the best tools.

This will give you more iridium ore | Stardew Valley

Iridiumerz (Engl. Iridium Ore ) is the most desirable material in Stardew Valley because its so produce useful items and can improve immensely tools. In this way you use less energy and can work even longer and more intensively on your farm. 

Find iridium ore at the start of the Stardew Valley slide

For five iridium bars you need 25 iridium ore. This will upgrade one of your tools to the maximum level. In addition, we recommend items such as the iridium sprinkler or the iridium tape, which further perfect your work. Since you need a lot of gold in addition to iridium. You can already farm some Iridium at the start of the game . We have listed some methods for you:

  • Go to higher levels in the mines. Iridium is sometimes hidden here.
  • If you come across monsters with a high level, you should always try to defeat them. They sometimes drop iridium ore as a reward.
  • When you catch the best fish of each season , you sometimes get chests out of the water. These can contain ore.
  • In geodes , the amount of iridium is quite high. Blacksmith Clint first has to break open the so-called omni geodes.

If you use these methods, it will take you ages to improve several tools. That's why we're now giving you the ultimate tip on how to farm enough iridium .

Unlock Skull Cave and find Iridium

There is one place where you can find a lot of iridium ore : the skull cave in the desert. To reach this area, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Repairs the bus so you can go to the desert (Calico Desert).
  2. Reach level 120 of the mines and receive the Skull Key as a reward.
This bus will take you to the Calico Desert and the Skull Cave.

Before you devote yourself to the cranial cavity, you should take some important items with you. This area is haunted by many powerful creatures that make it difficult for you to farm Iridium. Take the following with you:

  • a gold pickaxe
  • a weapon that can deal a lot of damage (e.g. a sword)
  • Lots of stones so that you can make enough stairs - Alternatively, you can mine rocks in the mine with a pickaxe by smashing the big chunks
  • Craft a few stairs beforehand - just in case
  • enough food for you to regenerate energy and life
  • a teleport totem with which you can teleport safely and quickly back to the farm

This inventory is not absolutely necessary, but we advise you to have such equipment. In addition, you should now save your memory so that you can start again here should something go wrong.

Farming iridium in the cranial cavity

Get on the bus and go to the desert as early as possible. With the skull key you get into the skull cave, where you can find lots of iridium. First, you should use some stairs so that you can reach the lower levels of the cave. From a level depth of 100, the occurrence of iridium ore increases immensely, as you will also encounter stronger monsters here. You should also unlock the "Geologist" and "Excavator" skills in "Mining"

You can blow up several iridium roots with just one bomb.

If you discover iridium roots , use the bombs you brought with you. Move away from the explosion, otherwise you will have to use valuable items to regenerate health. Always keep an eye on the time and teleport back to the farm in time by using the teleport totem.

In the village, you feed your furnace (Engl. Furnace ) with coal (Engl. Cole ) to produce all of every 25 Iridium Iridium ore five bars. Now you can finally improve your weapons. If you have trouble farming the Iridium , you can use the mods for Stardew Valley , which give you a cheat menu, among other things.

Alternative sources and locations for iridium ore

There are many other sources and locations for iridium ore that we would like to introduce to you at the end of the guide. You will never run out of this valuable resource with this information:

  • two types of monsters are unlikely to drop iridium ingots if you kill them in the deep levels of the mine: shadow beasts and shadow spirits
  • at Sandy in the Calico Desert you can buy omni geodes that the Schmid processes for you
  • The Statue of Perfection produces two to eight iridium ore a day - you get it when all four candles at Grandfather's shrine are lit and you interact with them
  • in the quarry you can find iridium veins or mystical stones
  • a meteorite that accidentally crashes on your farm brings you six iridium ore
  • from time to time on offer at the travel car

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