Tips for Beginners at Disco Elysium


Tips for Beginners at Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is one of those games where you don't really understand much in the beginning. The tutorial is so sparse that even after completing half of it, you may run into difficulties. Therefore, we have collected in this material everything you need to know from the very beginning for the most comfortable game.

Collect bottles

Seriously! This is the first and most important piece of advice. Money in the game is catastrophically small, but they are needed. There are quite a lot of bottles.

But the most important thing you need to understand is find a bottle bag and inspect every corner. The bottles can be sold at the Fritte store, where you will definitely find yourself in the course of history. You can read about where to find the package and what other ways to make money in our separate guide.

Press Tab more often

Or rather, practically don't let go. Tab highlights all hotspots in a specific area. You will be able to see all the places of interest at once. This will not only save time, but also help you not miss anything.


The game does not tell you that the hero can be fast enough and run across locations. Double click the cursor on the place where you want to get and the hero will accelerate.

Choose clothes

Your clothes seriously affect the passing of certain checks. Depending on the things you choose, your characteristics change. Something will increase significantly, and something will decrease. So the clothes are worth keeping. Remember to change regularly. And so it was conceived.

Don't waste all skill points at once

To cancel thoughts or to successfully re-pass white checks by increasing the desired characteristics, you will need free skill points. It is better to always have 1-2 points of pumping characteristics in reserve.

Use the thought locker

Since your character has lost all sense of who he is, certain ideas in conversation may trigger a thought in his mind. These new thoughts end up in the thought locker . By themselves, they do nothing. However, if you unlock a cabinet slot using a skill point, you can start thinking.

Every new thought starts out as a problem first. From now on, you can place it in a free slot to learn. As soon as this process begins, a countdown will start. The thought will give a temporary buff or debuff to one of your skills.

Countdown uses a game timer to show you how long it will take. This usually takes several game hours. After you internalize the thought, you will receive its solution. These decisions offer permanent enhancements or decreases in one or more skills across four ability categories.

Learned ideas in the locker of thoughts ultimately create a unique version of the inner self of the protagonist. These thoughts can affect some of the things that the character can say in dialogue, and buffs further improve the character's skills.

To forget a thought, you need to spend a skill point. This is useful when there are too many negative effects.

Re-run white skill checks

This point is closely related to the previous ones. In general, never pump right away. The vast majority of Disco Elysium skill checks are white. This means that you can try them more than once. It is almost never worth investing points in a skill before you make a choice and check. No matter what, there is always a tiny chance of success.

Better to drop the conversation before doing the white check. Make sure you don't have clothing that would degrade your skills. Then do an initial check. If you fail, you can upgrade the desired skill and increase your chances of success.

Don't reduce perception to zero

The game does not warn in advance about the consequences that arise if negative thoughts and clothes reduce any characteristic to zero.

Perhaps the most frightening and problematic will be zero perception.

In this case, your character will not be able to recognize the objects with which he can interact.

For example, the hero enters a room through a door, but cannot recognize the same door as a way to leave the room. This, in turn, will lead to getting stuck. Tab will also stop displaying POIs and interactive objects.

Different clothes or the ability to forget one of your thoughts will solve the problem.

Open locked doors

In the game, any door can be opened. If you are faced with some kind of obstacle, do not despair. A possible solution will appear later. And rest assured, it must be there. So, the strange closed doors in "Dancing in rags" can be opened in the story a little later than their discovery, by passing a series of checks or simply using physical skills.

Therefore, if you want to examine absolutely everything, you will have the opportunity. There is not always something valuable behind the doors, but you will definitely get a portion of internal conversations or communication with a partner, which will expand your knowledge of the world and characters.

Track your time. It matters

You may have noticed a clock in the lower right corner of the screen. This is the time of day at Disco Elysium and may not work as you expect. Time changes every time you interact with objects, your subconscious mind or other people. You spend about one minute for every 1-3 dialogue options.

The clock does not run in real time. However, time is the main factor in the game. You need to make some progress in your murder investigation before a certain game day. It shouldn't be a tangible problem, but you can still miss it.

The time of day is the more important factor. You will receive positive and negative modifiers for certain skill checks depending on when you do something during the day. Some options will become unavailable if you wait too long. Kim, your partner, will not be there at night, which also affects the development of dialogues, sometimes negatively.

Walking doesn't speed up time. Also, time does not move forward when collecting most things (for example, money and clothes). You are completely free to look around as much as you want. Just remember to pay attention to the watch. If you do not study some of the clues in time, they may disappear.

Use other ways to unblock checks

Here's another reason to keep your skill points: hidden ways to unlock white checks. Talking to the right people, completing certain thoughts, and looking for clues can increase your chances of a successful check. You can see what affects your odds by hovering over the white mark. It will be written something like “spoke to X person” or “gave Y person a hat”. This not only increases your chances of success. Such "necessary" actions can also naturally unlock white checks.

You can stay up late

Kim won't be with you for 24 hours. A good detective loves to go to bed before midnight. On the other hand, your character may stay awake until morning. This is a great time to work.

Most dialogue checks are more successful if Kim is there. However, there are a few things that get easier when you're alone. You can collect items in the world or spend time on the bench (to develop your thoughts) without Kim. Finally, since most of the game checks are repeated, you can always return with your partner in the morning and try to pass them again with his help.

Click on the colored observation circles

The little colored circles that appear in all Disco Elysium locations usually do little. However, they are sometimes very useful. They can lead to internal monologues and even fully developed thoughts that will aid you in your investigation. Some circles even make objects appear in the world that did not exist before.

You can open a thought in the game so that every time you click on the observation circle, you would receive 1 point of experience. It's not much, but the experience required to unlock skill points never scales. To unlock one more point, you always need 100 experience points. Considering there are hundreds of observation circles in the game, it's well worth it. Not to mention the fact that even 1 unit of experience, if it turns out to be missing, can give you a new skill point.

Explore the body now

In fact, this applies to most of the "core" tasks in Disco Elysium. The main tasks, as a rule, are multi-stage and you will not be able to finish them right away. You will probably need more information, higher skills, and / or clothing bonuses to advance your investigation. But! Getting started on key tasks can often give you some much needed direction in your investigation. You will be able to orient yourself on what you do not yet know, and decide on what goals you need to focus. Some preliminary information may even help you collect evidence that you can use later.

Talk to everyone, explore everything

The daily restriction at Disco Elysium is daunting. Time flies by much faster than you expect. This can discourage you from looking into every corner of the game that comes your way. This approach is fundamentally flawed. There is very rarely anything about Disco Elysium that ultimately won't be useful to one degree or another. You may not even be aware of it at first. Therefore, play slowly and thoughtfully, otherwise you risk losing the lion's share of the game's charm.


That's all we wanted to tell you. Disco Elysium can give you a lot of emotions, even if something is done “wrong”. This is the whole point. Don't be afraid to experiment and enjoy the game.

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