TOP 5 popular gaming headphones from the best brands under $50 USD


TOP 5 popular gaming headphones from the best brands under $ 50 USD

This season, gamers choose black, simple design and the best sound possible. All the presented gaming headphones in the range from 35 to 50 USD have the listed characteristics.

In the comments to purchases, users sometimes complain about chopped lows or quiet bass. It should be noted that not everything depends on the headphones alone. The sound cards built into the motherboard leave a lot to be desired. For a laptop, it is better to take an external audio card with a USB connector, you can put a discrete one in a PC.

All gaming headphones are initially focused on clear transmission of natural sounds - voice, rustling, footsteps, rumbling, so musical instruments sound bad in them, especially rock and classical music, but playing them is a real pleasure.

5th place

Cougar Immersa Ti Gaming Headset - Microphone and Volume Control - Lightweight- Noise Cancelling Headphone - 3.5m Phone Plug for PC Gaming, PS4 (3H300P40T.0001)

Impressive lightness - this is how you can describe the new model of COUGARIMMERSA TI gaming headphones. The volumetric yet lightweight design consists of two barrel-shaped bowls and slim headband guides. The soft clip automatically adjusts to the size of the head. The speakers are covered with eco-leather ear pads. 

There is a volume control on the two-meter wire - the wheel is sensitive, it can spin, hitting the ears with maximum volume or despicably drown out all sounds. Because of it, there is sometimes an imbalance in volume in the left or right ear.

Standard connector - mini-jack 3.5. The set includes a splitter adapter for 2 separate inputs for microphone and headphones. The microphone itself, like a cat's claw, hides in the bowl. The bar is flexible and sensitive to brute force - in a fit of gaming passion, you can inadvertently tear it off. 

In general, IMMERSA TI headphones are worth their money and are great for games, the bass is loud, the highs are clear, the sound quality allows you to determine the direction of the shot and from where the enemies are sneaking up to you.

4th place

HyperX Cloud Stinger - Gaming Headset – Comfortable HyperX Signature Memory Foam, Swivel to Mute Noise-Cancellation Microphone, Compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Devices

HyperX Cloud Stinger HX-HSCS-BK - Halo-style headphones with good sound and flip-down microphone. Soft ear cushions, crafted from memory foam, cover the 50mm drivers. The body material is plastic; inside the headband there is a metric plate, which gives rigidity and strength to the entire structure. The bowl rotates 90 degrees, which means that you can rest your "stressed" ears by lowering the headphones around your neck and turning the speakers out.

Power is 500 mW, impedance is 30 Ohm, the sound is rich, with good mids and highs. The volume control is located on the bowl. Non-removable microphone tip folds to the top. And if the microphone is at an angle of 110 degrees, it automatically turns off. 

Headphones are popular and have already gained several hundred reviews, there are detailed reviews on them. Of course, there were some complaints. The main drawback is called the plastic mounts of the headband adjuster: if dropped, they can break, and after a couple of years of operation, a crackle may appear when adjusting.

3rd place

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core for PC Wired Headphones HX-HSCSC2-BK Black

Pure background music pours from the speakers of these headphones, orders and shouts are heard, immersing in the gaming atmosphere. HyperX has created many modifications to the popular gaming model to suit the needs of gamers. From the left and right headphones, one wire leaves, which are connected together through the volume control. The cable is 1.7 meters long; the set includes a two-tailed extension cable with two mini-Jack 3.5 for playback and sound recording on the keyboard. The weight of the structure is 215 grams. 

Large ear pads are made of leatherette. During hot battles, not only palms sweat, but also ears, especially on hot summer days. But in winter you can keep warm.

Cons: standardized design, squeak when adjusting the size. Soundproofing for 3+. Users praise the microphone, good bass and positioning in shooters - you can hear the footsteps of opponents from afar.

2nd place

Wired headphones JBL QUANTUM 100 black

JBL QUANTUM 100 is the youngest model in the line of "quantum" gaming headphones from a well-known brand. The device received a wide headband with a size regulator on the sides, soft over-ear pads.

The highlight of the model is the removable microphone with a movable mount and flexible boom. There is a windscreen. Gaming headphones are not focused on listening to music, but JBL, as always, pleases its fans with good sound. Music lovers will have to conjure up with an equalizer, and in general it is advisable to connect via an external sound card.

Cons: short "tail" - only 1.2 meters, there is no adapter-splitter for connecting to a keyboard with two connectors. But the headphones are compatible with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo, Switch mobile and Windows Sonic Special Sound.

Even the youngest model of the series is capable of surprising with sound quality at a very modest size. The volume control is a wheel, there is a separate microphone mute button. Headphone weight - 220 grams. For gourmets of the gaming world, these headphones will help you enjoy the atmosphere of shooters on popular consoles and PSs.

1st place

Razer Kraken X ultraLite Wired Headphones Black

Razer Kraken X ultralite - the leader of the TOP, deservedly got its place. Surround virtual sound 7.1 - envelops the player, completely immersing himself in the world of the game. The activated Kraken suppresses all external noise. The 40mm drivers cover a wide frequency range from 12 to 28,000 Hz. The microphone is located on the headphone cup - active noise cancellation, sound without extraneous noise. This "beast" has a rather long cord - a 1.3-meter non-detachable cable plus a two-meter extension cord with two mini-Jack 3.5 connectors at the end.

Disadvantages: to get high-quality sound, you will have to tinker with the settings of the software that comes with the headphones. The proprietary software is not supported by outdated Windows 7 and earlier operating systems.

Like many budget gaming headphones, the Kraken X ultralite warms your ears with leatherette ear pads. If this causes discomfort, for a fee you can get hold of multilayer cooling ear pads with helium filling.

According to most buyers, these are the best headphones for 2021 with a price tag under $50 usd.

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