Twin App: How to duplicate an App on Android

Twin App: How to duplicate an App on Android

Twin App: have two WhatsApp accounts and other apps on the same mobile

Sometimes, and especially for work reasons, it is necessary to have some double accounts or two phone numbers , many of the times this is associated with having multiple messaging or social media accounts , one personal and one for the company. But we already know that, in principle, it is not possible to install WhatsApp, Telegram or any application on Android, so how can we have two WhatsApp or Telegram accounts? With the Twin App it is possible and we will tell you how to use it.

If it is social media accounts, it is simpler, but not at all comfortable. You can log out and open with another account in that application, but if this is associated with a phone number today this is not a problem, since most mobile phones include dual sims . In this case we can log out and start with another number, but we must pass the registration, and once logged in share contacts, and my chats? It can be a headache.

Do not worry, there are certain phones that have this feature integrated into their Android customization layer, if you have a Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, One Plus or an Oppo, you are in luck and you can have a duplicate of the main messaging applications and social media . But don't worry about the rest, or if the application you want to have in duplicate is not on the list, we will teach you a valid trick for any Android to be able to have the application you want in duplicate .

Twin App applications on Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, One Plus or Xiaomi smartphones

If you have one of the terminals from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, One Plus or Oppo, you can directly use duplicate applications with some limitations  . In their Android customization layer, these brands include an option to create a Twin Application to be used simultaneously together with the original, so you can enjoy, for example, two WhatsApp or Telegram applications even without sharing the contacts.

In this case, it will not be necessary to log in and out of Facebook with different accounts, we can have two Facebook applications with different accounts and use both comfortably , as would happen with any other application, although we already know that in order to have a second WhatsApp application o Telegram a second phone number would be necessary.


If you have a Samsung mobile , and it is not a very old version (we have tested that it works with an S7 Edge), thanks to its One UI customization layer you can use what the manufacturer has called Dual Messaging , with this option you can have applications for duplicated to have 2 simultaneous accounts, very useful in these cases that we have discussed.

In Samsung devices it is very easy to activate, we just have to enter the settings and slide to advanced functions, within this menu we will find an option called Dual Messaging and if we enter we can see a list of applications among which we have installed and are compatible with this option , to be able to create a duplicate and run two applications with different accounts with their respective chats and even in the case of Samsung, with a contact list independent of each other.

Once the Dual Messaging option is enabled in the App that we want to have in duplicate , it will appear as if it had been installed again, the application with an orange achievement in the lower right that differs from the Original , if we start it we can see that it is as if it were the first time and it asks us to log in or register, it depends on which application it is, once configured we can open one or the other and even have it in the background or in split screen to work with both at the same time.


Although it has had enough problems due to the US veto , Huawei is a great brand and always offers us the best options in its EMUI customization layer. Among these options is what they have called the Twin App  from a limited (like Samsung) list of applications we can create a twin application to use simultaneously with the original.

If we enter the settings, we will have to go to the applications section and inside we will have an option called Twin App that we will have to enable , once enabled inside we can see a small list of applications that allows us to have as a twin and work both simultaneously with different accounts.

By enabling any of the available applications, we can run it as new and start it with another account or different session , in this case we will have both active to use them as if they were two different applications. In Huawei we can differentiate the original application from the twin because a small blue symbol appears on the right with a 2 indicating that it is the second application.


With Oppo we also have the possibility of cloning applications from a list that it offers us thanks to the function integrated in the same ColorOS that this brand uses . In the settings menu, at the end of everything appears the option called application cloner and if we press we will see a list of compatible applications.

To duplicate an application, just click on the marker and once enabled a copy of the application will be installed , we just have to open it to start the application again by entering the new data independently of the other account, but we can have both simultaneously. We can differentiate it because we can even change the name.

One Plus

These mobiles work under the OxygenOS customization layer, in addition to letting us see through some objects , it also allows us to have some duplicate applications, they have called it Parallel Applications , you can have, like the other brands, an application identical to the original for use with other data .

To enable this option on One Plus mobiles, we will have to go to the settings and look for utilities, inside there is an option called Parallel Applications , from the list somewhat more generous than other brands, but without including all the applications, we can select the one we want to have in parallel and it will install it on our phone .

It is enough to start the new application with the new data (or others if we already had it from before) in the new parallel application, here you can differentiate them without problem because it appears with the same icon, but with a smaller orange one on the side bottom left of the parallel app.


For Xiaomi it works similar, thanks to the MIUI customization of the brand we can directly find an option called Dual Applications that gives us the option of having 2 identical applications, but to use independently, from a large list that the brand allows. In this case the limitation is not as much as in other brands.

To use the Dual Applications we will enter the settings and see an option that has this name, if we click on it we can see a large list of applications that we can clone , practically all the ones we have installed, and thus be able to use two applications with different accounts .

By enabling the application that we want to be dual, it will be installed again and we can start it as a new app , we will know that it is the dual application and not the original because a symbol appears with a couple of circles at the bottom left, once configured we can have both working together and we can repeat the operation with as many applications as we want from the list offered by Dual Applications.

How to clone apps on any Android phone with Multi Parallel

But not only these brands live the Android market, there are many more that coexist with these and that we were not going to leave behind since we are going to tell you a trick with which you can do the same regardless of the brand of your Android phone We will also be able to vitaminize the options of those who have limited applications to have a second account.

With this method you will be able to clone any application on your Android phone to be able to use two simultaneous accounts, even those that do not give you an option if you have a phone that we have talked about above, or do it in anyone if your phone does not have this option as standard.

To use this method we have to resort to third-party applications, there are several that serve the same purpose that we tell you, if we search the Play Store Clone App, a list with several appears, but we have tried the one with the most downloads and the best score , but it's also free! (with advertising).

The application is called Multi Parallel - Multiple Accounts & App Clone , it will be in charge of cloning our applications whatever they are and being able to run them together with the others as if it were any other recently installed. We tell you step by step how to do it .

  • We go to the Play Store and look for Multi Parallel , we install it.
  • We open the App and click on Add clone.
  • Now we will see a list of the applications that can be cloned, all of them!
  • We click on the applications we want to clone, we can select one or several at a time , and we click to create a clone , if we have selected several below, it will put the number of applications to clone in parentheses.
  • We hold down one of the applications and a menu with options appears, we select create direct access . Now it will ask us if we want to add to the home screen and we say Add.
  • Now we will have the cloned application on the Multi Parallel desktop and also on the main desktop of the phone.
  • We can repeat the process with as many applications as we want to have on the desktop.
              We will see which are the cloned applications since it will have a mini icon of the Multi Parallel application in the lower right part of the original icon, also add a + at the end of the name although we can also change it . If we repeat the process with an already cloned application, it allows us to create another one, although it is not usual to have 3 Facebook accounts that you know that supports the possibility of creating more than 1 clone of the application.

              Now we can start the application as if it were another one, from the direct access or by opening the Multi Parallel application and clicking on the application that we want to open and enjoy your multi-account without having to log out.


              If you are passionate about social networks, if you have several accounts for work reasons, or if you simply like privacy and prefer to have privacy in any of your accounts, this solution is ideal to have multiple applications with different accounts and each one with your different settings , we can mute your work accounts on the weekend without refusing to communicate with your friends and family.

              As we have seen, many smartphone manufacturers already integrate their own system of twin app or cloning of applications to allow having two accounts of WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc. As they are native applications, their operation is optimized and allows to take advantage of all the resources of the terminal.

              Even so, in case your smartphone does not have a twin app or other alternatives already standard, we have seen that there are alternatives in the official Google Play store to be able to have several accounts of an app on the same device as Multi Parallel.

              The functions are multiple and go beyond having two WhatsApp or Instagram accounts , for example, if you like games and prefer to have a couple of accounts (or three) for whatever reason, with Multi Parallel we can clone the game and register again to have an additional account  and be able to run multiple instances of a game with different accounts and games

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