Twitch streamer says Fortnite copied him - Now speaking to lawyer


Twitch streamer says Fortnite copied him - Now speaking to lawyer

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Petey Plastic is considering a lawsuit against Fortnite . An in-game skin looks exactly like him, but doesn't have his name on it.

Who is the person you are talking about? Petey Plastic is a rapper, streamer and, according to his Twitter biography "Gaymer", who campaigns for LGBT. He is currently followed by almost 19,000 people on Twitch and 6,730 subscribers on YouTube.

Now he suspects that his striking clothing style was used as a template for a skin in Fortnite. Fortnite does something similar with skins from streamer greats like Ninja or Lachegga, but the skins in the game are called that too.

However, the skin Petey Plastic is referring to does not bear his name.

It's about this Fortnite skin

What Petey Plastic Says: He's targeting Epic Games on Twitter and YouTube. In the tweet he writes:

“Since I'm an official Fortnite creator at @EpicGames, honestly I'm pretty salty that they made a character extremely similar to my looks.

Almost like a copy right through to the bracelet ... at least name the skin after me or something. "

To do this, he posts the comparison picture between him and the said skin in the tweet:

He sees these similarities: What exactly he sees in common between himself and the skin, Petey Plastic describes in a YouTube video (via YouTube ):

  • “He [the skin] wears heart-shaped glasses that I always wear
  • my fur coat that I always wear. Even at events like TwitchCon
  • the tattoos - even if they are not exactly the same tattoos, they are spread over the whole arm
  • and also the hair with the pink mohawk, which I always wear but can't wear right now because the hairdressers have closed due to Covid " 

He says the skin has only just been released. But he'd been wearing this style for at least 5 years.

He'd be particularly annoyed because other great content creators like Ninja have their own skins. And officially.

He's not that big a streamer himself, but would be on Epic Games' radar. After all, for a Fortnite Creator status you have to be able to prove a certain number of followers in order to be accepted by Epic Games.

How is this going Opposite Dexerto tells Petey Plastic that he is talking to his lawyer to sue to Epic Games. That would be the worst scenario, but he wants to find a solution with Epic Games and hopes they'll name the skin after him.

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