Valheim Frequently Asked Questions

 Collected for you a complete collection of questions and answers related to the passage of Valheim - improving items, mining resources and much more.

Valheim Frequently Asked Questions

How to upgrade a workbench

You need to build a deck for a felling near the workbench. This will lead to its improvement.


How to operate a raft

To move forward, you need to move the cursor to the light red strip on the pole of the raft, the message “Set sail” will appear - press E. To increase the speed press E again. To turn left, move the courses to the light red strip on the left side of the raft, an inscription will appear turn to the left side - press E. Similarly, turn to the right. To move back, move the cursor to the light red strip on the back of the raft until the inscription appears and press E. To stop, move the cursor to the green strip on the raft, and when the “Stop” message appears, press E. Similarly, you can control the ship in Valheim.

How to get stone

The game has a lot of this resource. Search directly on the ground. Often in open areas.

How to fix items

A workbench is used to repair items, where you will find the corresponding button. You are not wasting resources when fixing items - keep this in mind.

How to make a pickaxe

A pickaxe is a tool used to extract stone. To mine a block or ore, pick up a pickaxe and hold down the left mouse button. All pickaxes added to modifications are capable of mining any ore from this modification. After you destroy the First boss, those necessary resources will be available to you to create a pickaxe. And also in the supplement will be provided - The recipe for how to make a pickaxe.


Where to find / get iron

To search for iron, you need to head to the mountains, having previously taken care of protection from the cold. Or another option - you can search for iron in the swamps.

Where can I get feathers?

You will find feathers in chests, which, in turn, can be found in the Black Forest.

How do you get ore?

To mine ore, you need a pickaxe, which you can make yourself in the game. Next, you just need to go to the place. Where you can get a specific ore, take a pickaxe in your hand and press the left mouse button.

Where to find the core of Surtling?

For the core of the Surtling, go to the dungeons under the Black Forest. Here you will find it quickly enough.

Where can I get wood?

Quality wood can be obtained from birch, while solid wood in Valheim falls out of pine.

How to build a ship?

You will need a workbench next to the ship. You will need 20 Wood, 10 Hide, 10 Resin and 10 Ancient Bark. All of this will be enough to upgrade your raft to a ship.

How to craft legendary weapons?

For weapons and equipment, you will first need eldarium ingots. The best items require 42 ingots. And for simpler ones - only 11 eldarium ingots. If you have a sufficient number of ingots, you can start crafting.

How to tame a boar?

You need to build a small paddock first. Then you will need to lure a wild boar into this corral and throw mushrooms and carrots on the floor. Gradually he will stay in the pen and become your tame boar.

How to grow seeds?

First, you need a row cultivator. It can be crafted at the forge - you need bronze and wood. When the row cultivator is created, with the left mouse button you cultivate the land, by pressing the right button you select what exactly you want to plant.

How to summon the boss

Horned Deer - In order to summon this boss, you will need a deer head. Boss Ent - you need three ancient seeds to summon it, get them in the black forest by destroying the shining rosebush. Dragon Mouder - his altar of summoning can be found in the mountains, you will need three dragon eggs to summon him, which you will also find in the same mountains.

Where to find black metal in Valheim?

Black metal is not easy to find - but it can fall out of the goblins that you meet on the plains.

How to process ferrous metal in Valheim?

Ferrous metal must be processed in a blast furnace. You can get the recipe for its creation after you defeat the fourth boss of the game.

How to increase health and stamina?

Valheim uses food to increase health and stamina points. That is, you just need to consume food - and the indicators will grow.

Where to find flint?

In fact, it is quite easy to find flint. It can be found on the bank of the meadow. If you need flint, go there first.

Where can I find tin?

In search of tin, you should go to the Black Forest. Here this resource can be found near the coast.

Where can I find copper?

You can find copper in the Black Forest. Just walk through the forest, it is scattered throughout the location.

Where can I find a merchant?

The merchant must be found in the Black Forest. Here he appears randomly, so just wander around until you meet him.

How to create a smelter?

You need to go to the Black Forest, where you need to find a dungeon. And already in the dungeon you will find the core of the stooped one. Together with him, there will be a recipe for creating a smelter.

How to build a portal?

You need to cut down the birch. From this tree, you will receive high-quality wood, and along with it there will be a recipe for creating a portal.

How to play online?

You need to select the second option from the top in the start menu - Join Game. Next, you select the server you want to join. This works only on the licensed version - playing pirate on the network with a friend in Valheim will not work yet.

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