Valheim. How do I get wolf armor?

Valheim. How do I get wolf armor?

 A new small guide to the game Valheim is dedicated to "wolf armor". We will tell you exactly how you can get them in this game.

How to get wolf armor in Valheim?

First of all, you will only get wolf armor by finding silver, and for this you have to defeat the boss Mass of Bones. After winning, you will receive a Wishbone. And it can be used to search for underground treasures, including veins of silver. You will have to search for metal in the mountains. An iron pickaxe is also required to mine silver.

When the silver was found, half of the work was done. Now you also need wolf skins. To do this, you have to kill the wolves. As a result, you will need:

  • chest with wolf armor - 5 wolf skins, 1 chain and 20 silver will go here
  • wolf fur cape - 6 skins, 1 wolf trophy, 4 silver
  • wolf armor leggings - 5 skins, 4 wolf fangs and 20 silver.

Also upgrade the forge - craft bellows, blacksmith cooler and anvil.

That's all there is to know about how to get wolf armor in Valheim.

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