Valheim: How to destroy inventory items to free up space


Valheim: How to destroy inventory items to free up space

Do you want to organize your inventory in Valheim in the best possible way to be able to carry the most important objects? We tell you how you can do to get rid of everything that you do not consider relevant.

Being Valheim a large open world , most likely along our adventure we find all kinds of materials, objects and weapons to help us keep progressing and improving. Valheim has everything and our inventory could be overwhelmed by the abundance of objects.

Valheim's survival formula makes us, as players, think very carefully about what we have with us. As we advance in our progression, old objects will remain in the background or will be irrelevant and if we want to clean our inventory to carry the most useful, it will be better to know how to destroy those objects that have no more value.

Valheim: How to destroy inventory items to free up space

Being an Early Access game, some useful features have yet to be finalized . Therefore, if you want to manage Valheim's inventory and get rid of objects that no longer serve, the best you can do are two things:

The first is to throw the objects you do not want into the water . This method makes the item you drop disappear and be completely destroyed. If you drop it on the ground, the object will stay in place for two days, as long as you don't get close to it during that time. If you do, it won't go away. If you don't have an area with water, you can always opt for another method.

Since you can only carry 300 pounds, the other option is to divide the items in your inventory . What you must do is mark the pile of objects in your inventory that you want to divide and press the shift key, and then click on the pile again. Next you will get the split stack option. You can adjust the number and once done, you will keep half of what you selected. So you can manage your inventory very well.

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