Valheim: How to find the Kraken and get Chitin easily

 In the oceans of Valheim you can find Krakens, a species of giant island-like tortoises in which you can get the Chitin resource that is used to create abyssal weapons.

It is possible that on one of your boat trips through the oceans of Valheim you have encountered a huge and mysterious creature that is commonly known as the Kraken (also called Leviathan or Giant Sea Turtle , because of its shape). Perhaps you have heard of this creature or want to find it to take advantage of its resources . In this entry of our guide we are going to tell you all the details about the Kraken.

How to find the Kraken in Valheim?

How to find the Kraken in Valheim?

As with many other skins in Valheim, because each world is procedurally generated, there is no fixed, set location to meet the Kraken. However, there are certain aspects that are repeated in all games and that we must take into account so that it is easier for us to locate these impressive creatures.

  • To begin with, as is logical, the Kraken only appears: in the biome of the Oceans and more specifically where the sea is very deep.
  • That is to say, don't even think about looking for it near the shoreline: you will have to go deep into the high seas since the creature is very large and needs a lot of space.
  • We recommend that to travel the oceans: have the Karve or Drakkar boat, which are faster and larger than a basic raft.
  • The appearance of the Kraken: It can sometimes be mistaken for a floating island or a large piece of rock. It is like a large shell that floats adrift and has irregularities.

We anticipate that you are going to have to arm yourself with patience because it is quite rare to meet a Kraken in the game. You may be lucky and come across him soon, or it may take many trips to find him by chance.

The good news for you is that despite its gigantic size, it is not a hostile creature (not like the doomed Sea Serpents). Actually this turtle is passive and will never hurt you. In fact, even you can't kill or hunt it. Although you can farm a natural resource of this leviathan, hence it is interesting to go after him.

How to extract and obtain Chitin from the Kraken

The Chitin is a type of resource that can only be achieved and extracted from the Kraken that you find in the ocean. This type of material is very rare, but the effort to get it is worth it.

  • Keep in mind that to extract Chitin the most appropriate thing is that you carry a Pick with you .
  • Chitin can be collected from abyssal barnacles , mountainous formations that are on the shell or surface of the Kraken.
  • Each barnacle hit will give you Chitin for your inventory, but will also create nuisance on the Kraken.
  • Each nether barnacle destroyed is known to have a 10% chance to trigger the retreat of the Kraken under the sea.
  • If the Kraken produces a roar and shudder when you're breaking through its barnacles, you'll have roughly 20 to 30 seconds before it begins to sink under the sea.

As you can see, the task of collecting Chitin has to be done quickly because at any moment the Kraken can leave. It is important that you try to get as close to the Kraken as possible with your boat and always have it in sight because as soon as the turtle sinks you need to return to the boat or you could die drowned. Calculate the time and your resistance bar well so as not to stay below minimums at the worst moment.

To sting barnacles faster, you can always take advantage of the Power of Eikthyr , so you will lose less resistance during the task and you can collect as much Chitin as possible. Once the Kraken flees, you will not see it again in that area.

Abyssal weapons to make with Chitin

The entire process of finding the Kraken and extracting Chitin from its abyssal barnacles is done nothing more and nothing less because with this valuable resource you can craft two very interesting weapons in a Workbench (yes, you must have it raised to level 4 As minimum).

Abyssal razor

Crafting the Nether Razor requires the following materials :

  • Hardwood : x4.
  • Chitin : x20.
  • Leather Scraps : x2.
This razor is second only to the Black Metal Knife in damage, so it is one of the best knives in the game and very useful if you like to play stealth . Not bad, really.

Abyssal harpoon

Crafting the Nether Harpoon requires the following materials :

  • Hardwood : x8
  • Chitin : x30
  • Leather Scraps : x3
This is the only harpoon available in the game. It is a very peculiar weapon since when launching it against an enemy we can catch it for a period of time, so that it cannot escape and will be at our mercy. This is especially useful if you are playing cooperatively online with colleagues or even taming wild animals. 

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