Valheim - How To Increase Inventory

 The gameplay in Valheim largely consists of gathering and crafting. This way you will need a lot of materials, especially wood at the beginning of the game. In this guide, we'll show you how to increase your inventory capacity.

Valheim - How To Increase Inventory

It's not easy to take all the resources and materials you find in Valheim home to your home. Not only do you have a limited amount of inventory space, but your character can only carry a certain amount of weight. As soon as you exceed the weight and receive a message about overload, then your character will not be able to run (and he will move very slowly) and will not be able to restore stamina. Although in Valheim there is no way to increase the number of slots in the inventory, there is a way to increase the carried weight, and this is what we will tell you about.

Find a merchant

The item you need to buy and use is called Megingjord. In Scandinavian mythology, this is the belt of the thunder god Thor. As long as you have a belt and it is involved, then your carrying capacity is 450 units, that is, the belt adds 150 units. to the maximum portability of items in your inventory. However, it is important to note that as you increase your load capacity, Megingjord takes up a slot and does not increase the number of slots in your inventory. You will still have 32 slots, minus one Megingjord.

This belt can only be purchased from the Haldor merchant. He can appear in any location and almost always in different places. However, some players claim that he has always been encountered in the Black Forest biome. When you find a merchant, his position on your map will appear as a "gray bag" on your map.

Valheim - How To Increase Inventory

Therefore, always pay attention to the map, since having found the trader Halder, you can always return to the place where he is, which will simplify his search. We also recommend building a portal next to it so you can quickly move between your base and the merchant.

  • Note: The merchant is in a static state, which means he does not move around locations. It is enough to find it once, and you will always know where it is.
Megingjord's Belt costs 950 gold and is the most expensive item the merchant has. Few people can buy it with the first find of Haldar, since gold coins are rarely found, but you should not get upset and think about farming, since the merchant can buy items from you, for example: rubies, amber, pearls, etc.

  • Note: Gold coins are mostly dropped by trolls, while gems (pearls, ruby, amber) can be found in crypts and dungeons.

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