Valheim - Melting and how it works


Valheim - Melting and how it works

You need to spend a little time in Valheim to get to the point when the opportunity to smelt ore and get alloys opens up. In this guide, we'll walk you through how melting works and give you a couple of tips.

Valheim - Melting and how it works

To open recipes for crafting bronze items, you need to get several resources, defeat the first boss, create a pickaxe, and use it to extract tin and copper ore. The antler pickaxe can be said to be the primary tool you will need to gather important smelting resources.

  • Note: The recipe is unlocked when you pick up the Surtling core.

Where to find Surtling cores

There are two ways to mine Surtling cores in Valheim. One of the easiest is the dungeon search. In particular, the dungeon can be found in the locations "Black Forest" and "Meadows". The entrance to these dungeons is notable for the fact that skeletons live next to it. You need to first deal with the enemies, and then go down into the dungeon and find the Surtling cores there.

The second way is to find and kill creatures called "Surtlings" , but this option of obtaining cores is a little more difficult, since you will not find them in the starting locations. As such, we recommend clearing dungeons early in the game as this is the most efficient and safer way to get Surtling Cores.

How to build a smelter

When you receive a recipe for crafting a smelter, you can build it anywhere, only on one condition - you must have the necessary resources. And yes, a smelter is created with a hammer.

  • Note: We recommend placing this structure outside the house (room), since it is rather bulky and takes up space. Also try to build near your main base.

Smelter Crafting Resources :

  • Stone - 20 pcs.
  • Surtling Core - 5 pcs.

After building the smelter, you can immediately start smelting the metal. However, we strongly recommend building a charcoal kiln.

The Furnace is also one of the recipes you get when you take the Surtling Core. Setting up a stove will allow you to create charcoal from wood, and it is much better than a regular fire as meat roasting over charcoal is much faster. Use a hammer to build a coal stove and don't forget that you need the following materials:

  • Stone - 20 pcs.
  • Surtling Core - 5 pcs.

You need coal to melt metal, so we recommend placing these two tools close to each other.

How to smelt ore

When you build a smelter and a charcoal kiln, all you have to do is place the raw ore on one side and the coal on the other. And remember that to get one ingot, you need to spend five coals , so stock up on wood in advance.

After you get the required amount of copper and tin ingots, then go to the forge. There you can turn them into bronze ingots. You will need Surtling cores for alloy ingots, so make sure you have a few.

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